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Find Geeks Who Drink in Chicago Now!

Chicago Trivia Guys is now Geeks Who Drink!

What does that mean to you, Chicago quizzers?
  • You're still getting the best quiz night in Chicago, now with an even better mix of current events, entertainment, and sports material edited by a six-time Jeopardy champion.
  • Geeks Who Drink has dedicated staff that can help you put together a holiday quiz, corporate happy hour or fundraiser.
  • Themed quizzes based on pop culture like Harry Potter, Seinfeld and Arrested Development.

That sounds fine and dandy but like Johnny 5, I need more input!

  • If you're out to make Geeks Who Drink your weekly thing, click here!
  • If you own or manage a bar and want to know about getting Geeks Who Drink there, click here!

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