Huh? Relaunch?

Yup, Geeks Who Drink has resumed limited in-bar service.

What?? How is that safe???!!!

We know nothing can ever be completely safe, but we’re taking every available precaution. We’re excited to announce one new step in particular: We’ve done away with physical answer sheets and handout visual rounds, and replaced them both with a new contact-free digital system that you can use on any computer or smartphone. You’ll have to steal your pencils from somewhere else, buster!

Sweet. And I assume I should physically distance?

Yes. If you’re playing, please follow every safety procedure recommended by the venue itself, your state and local authorities, the CDC, etc. We’re (still) all in this together!

What about your Quizmasters?

They’ve all opted into presenting, and they’ll be provided with protective equipment. In order to be cleared to host each week, they’ll also be required to complete a Covid-19 symptom- and exposure-screening survey.

Is this the same quiz format I’ve missed so desperately?

Almost! We’ve also taken this opportunity to ever-so-slightly tweak our format for optimal pacing and excitement:

  • Rounds 1 through 4 will be the same as ever, with a sampling of your favorite Round 3 formats.
  • Round 5 will be either a static visual or a video round—it’s just as easy to push either to your device.
  • Round 6 will now be a grab bag of all your favorite Round 3 formats besides multiple-choice: Speed Round, Hit Me, Second-Guess Yourself, etc. It’ll usually be worth 16 points.
  • The final round will still be Random Knowledge.

Wait, so Random Knowledge is Round Seven?

No, it’s the final round. It just happens to also be the seventh round.

Whatever. This’ll be back in my personal favorite bar, right?

We hope so, soon! We’re closely monitoring the state and local reopening guidelines in every target market, but we’re also working with reduced operations staff.

Does this mean you’re getting rid of the virtual quizzes on Zoom and Twitch?

We’re not—in fact, we’re keeping all our weekly Classic and themed quizzes, and even adding more time slots! It’ll be a while yet until we’re back in our old physical footprint—and we know it’ll be a while yet before every quizzer is ready to go back. As always, your portal to those offerings is on the front page here at

Where can I keep up-to-date on all this stuff?

Follow Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And/or bookmark our schedule page.

Did anyone actually ask you these questions?

No, and now they don’t have to. You’re welcome!