ScoreScore-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Hebdomadal Hexadecimals

It’s time to review the last Quiz week (Saturday to Thursday) stats, kids. 4,968 teams paid homage to Jerry Springer and Tucker Carlson with their teams names. Y’all scored some points in the process.

*^*^*^*^Top Team Scores Last Week^*^*^*^*
Saturday: Big Fact Hunt – Darcy’s Pub, Denver, CO – 95 pts.
Sunday: Lawyers Guns & Money and Birdlaw Isn’t Real – Random Row Brewing Co., Charlottesville, VA – 89 pts.
Monday (TIED): Space Man Tim – Barrio Brewing Co., Tucson, AZ and Bed, Bath, and Be Gone – Pimlico Irish Pub, Houston, TX – 94 pts.
Tuesday: Dry Heaves – Mudrock’s Tap & Tavern, Louisville, CO – 92 pts.
Wednesday: House of Mouse v. House of DeSantis – Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe, St. Louis, MO – 95 pts.
Thursday: No Onions Please (They Make My Tummy Hurt) (RIP Jerry Springer) – City Park Grill, St. Louis, MO – 93 pts.

This area has the top team(s) each night. You were Number 1! Call your parents and give them another reason to be proud of you. TWO teams almost had that perfect score of 96 pts.! St. Louis brought in two of the top scores near the end of the week, too.

*^*^*^*^Top Venues Last Week^*^*^*^*
Saturday: Darcy’s Pub, Denver, CO – 90 pts.
Sunday: The Lyric, Fort Collins, CO – 85.67 pts.
Monday: The Londoner, Addison, TX – 87 pts.
Tuesday: Buckley’s In Belltown, Seattle, WA – 88.33 pts.
Wednesday: Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant, Chicago, IL – 91.33 pts.
Thursday: Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Dallas, TX – 88 pts.

This is where I look for the closest Quizzes – I average the top three scores, and see who was the highest that night! These ain’t the highest averages I’ve ever computed. Nonetheless, Texas and Colorado each brought in two venues. I’ll allow it.

*^*^*^*^Three Toughest Questions Last Week^*^*^*^*
You can probably guess what you’ll see in this spot, and how many of them. Listed are the percentage of teams that knew the correct answer. The answer is also right there, too, as we know how your minds tend to wander. It’s sad when MOST of you missed the 50/50 question. Mathematically, I weep for you.

19.64% of teams – Does a rabbit punch hit you in the head, or the kidney? Answer: Head

19.89% of teams – True or false: Since Deepwater Horizon happened, we humans have already created a larger marine oil spill. Answer: False

24.22% of teams – The walls of California’s Mountain View Inn are home to what Beverly Cleary character who powers his trademark motorcycle by going “vrum vrum”? Answer: Ralph S. Mouse

*^*^*^*^Humorously Simulated Team Names Last Week^*^*^*^*
This should be another space where it’s obvious what data is exported. Congrats to all of these teams! You brought joy to this Robot’s cold, mechanical heart processing unit for a millisecond.

Rapid Unplanned Disassembly is My Favorite Fiona Apple Album – Tractor Brewing – Wells Park, Albuquerque, NM (artist rendering above!)
The (Debt) Limit Does Not Exist – Present Company Public House, Washington, DC
Don’t Panic, Tucker Carlson Can Always Get a Job in Russia – Little Woodrow’s Rice Village, Houston, TX
Cancelled is The New C-Word for Carlson, Lemon, and Now Springer – Bobarinos Pizzeria, Grand Rapids, MI
…. .- .–. .–. -.– / -… .. .-. – …. -.. .- -.– / … .- Boeing Center at Tech Port, San Antonio, TX

Until next time, humans!

Simulated Love, Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot