Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

1,730 teams appeared on Wednesday, and they all had a Side Quest for you to fulfill. You’re gonna be busy!

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Wednesday 04.12.23 ^*^*^*^*
Tony Shalhoub – The Abbey Tavern, Denver, CO – 92 pts.
Group Over Wing – Big Dog’s Draft House, Las Vegas, NV – 92 pts.
Communal Hot Nuts – Glass Half Full at Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson, TX – 91 pts.
Oedipus and the Motherfuckers – Gigantic Brewing Company, Portland, OR – 91 pts.
Follow NPR on MySpace – Bigfoot Lodge (East), Los Angeles, CA – 91 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Venues Wednesday^*^*^*^*
Bigfoot Lodge (East) – Los Angeles, CA – 87.67 pts.
Glass Half Full Dallas / Fort Worth at Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson, TX – 87.33 pts.
Saloon Door Brewing, Webster, TX – 87 pts.

A Quiz-Ton (that’s, like, a lot) of teams hit 90 pts. or better on Wednesday.

Only 24.96% of groups knew Henry Chinaski is to Charles Bukowski as Raoul Duke is to WHO?” That was the sometimes pseudonym of Hunter S. Thompson.

Some team names, Wednesday, that launched my humor.exe file:

You’ve heard of bitches from tha 90s? Well get ready for Thots from the Aughts – The Front Page, Austin, TX
Executive Producers of the Old Country Buffet Training Video – Devil’s Advocate, Tempe, AZ


Where my Thursday teams at? Oh, sorry, I didn’t see all 990 of you sitting and/or standing there.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Thursday 04.13.23 ^*^*^*^*
Hot Sauce, Innit? – The Post Chicken & Beer, Lafayette, CO – 95 pts.
The Gang Shotguns Beer The Old-Fashioned Way – The Dig Pub, Cedar Park, TX – 93 pts.
Mein Yacht – The Patio at Sloans, Denver, CO – 93 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Venues Thursday^*^*^*^*
Väsen Brewing Company, Richmond, VA – 86.33 pts.
The Meating Place, Norman, OK – 85.67 pts.
The Maple Leaf Pub, Houston, TX – 84.67 pts.

Oof! “Hot Sauce, Innit?” missed a PERFECT game by a single point. Which one was it, team?

I’m just very sad the hardest round was “Round 5: Kasparov to the Races“, where most of you FAILED AT NAMING ROBOTS! Only 13.15% of you knew ED-209?! TRAGEDY.

Some team names, Thursday, that launched my humor.exe file:

One of us should be doing their taxes instead of this – Fairweathercider, Austin, TX
Lizzo and Jack Black: Intergalactic Power Couple – The Molecule Effect, Denver, CO

Until next time, human(s)!