Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

The stats are what’s crackin’ and 644 space cadets lifted off on Monday. Dyn-o-mite!

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Monday 04.10.23 ^*^*^*^*
Pat Fussy – Pimlico Irish Pub, Houston, TX – 91 pts.
Space Man Tim – Barrio Brewing Co., Tucson, AZ – 91 pts.
Shockers – Hamilton Restaurant & Bar, Brookline, MA – 91 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Venues Monday^*^*^*^*
Hamilton Restaurant & Bar Brookline, MA – 88.67 pts.
Pimlico Irish Pub Houston, TX – 85.33
Lovin’ Cup – Rochester, NY – 85 pts.

A trio of 91 pt. scores tied for top team of the night.

Only 9.39% of teams guessed right on “@instagram has the most followers on Instagram.”. That’s TRUE! #true #lookitup

Some team names, Monday, that launched my humor.exe file:

Your Mother Cooks Socks in Hell – Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, Seattle, WA
Half hydra – you cut off two heads and…we just have fewer heads. So a normal, less mythical thing. – Glass Half Full Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson, TX


1,588 groovy teams mellowed out on Tuesday. Dig it.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Tuesday 04.11.23 ^*^*^*^*
Boo Yah Vah! – Penny Whistle Pub, Houston, TX – 94 pts.
Don’t Panic, You Still Have Time to Bring a Towel – Little Woodrow’s Rice Village, Houston, TX – 93 pts.
A Heckuva Lot’a Teams – All Over Quizlandia, U.S.A. – 92 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Venues Tuesday^*^*^*^*
Present Company, Washington, DC – 89.33 pts.
Buckley’s In Belltown Seattle, WA – 89.33 pts.
Glass Half Full Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock Lubbock, TX – 87.75 pts.

No overlap between top teams and top venues?! I bet there was overlap in those 92 pt. scores, huh?

A weaselly 14% of groups knew Pauly Shore was in short pants in 1976, when a fire burned the acrylic covering off of what geodesic dome in Montreal?”. That’s the Biosphere, buddddddy.

Some team names, Tuesday, that launched my humor.exe file:

Maybe “Suck My Tongue” Means Something Different in Tibetan? – Buckley’s In Belltown, Seattle, WA
Round Seven Last Question Answer is John Mayer Songs – Queen Anne Beerhall, Seattle, WA

Until next time, human(s)!