Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

The weekend stats are a Cinderella story. That’s not as good as a Spinderella story, though. 55 teams pushed it on Saturday. Pushed it real good.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Saturday 03.18.23 ^*^*^*^*
Marky Mark David Chapman and the Funky Bunch – Darcy’s Pub, Denver, CO – 91 pts.
Grandma’s Armpit Butter – Darcy’s Pub, Denver, CO – 84 pts.
Big Miss Steak – Vetted Well at Alamo Drafthouse, Dallas, TX – 81 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Quizzing Areas Saturday by Average^*^*^*^*
Herndon, VA – 64.44
Dallas, TX – 63.50
Denver, CO – 60.99

Darcy’s Bistro & Pub in Denver rocked Saturday with the top two scores in the land. Herndon, VA randomly topped the averages in area.

Saturday’s toughest question was “”Six sick bricks tick. Six sick chicks tock.” So goes a typical line from what Dr. Seuss “book of tongue tanglers”?” 17.78% had Fox in Sox, you jocks!

A team name, Saturday, that launched my humor.exe file:

1n7311193nc3 15 7h3 481117y 70 4d4p7 70 ch4n93 – Vetted Well at Alamo Drafthouse, Dallas, TX**

(**This was also the lowest score of the entire night at 20 pts., just showing y’all are holding the robots back)


Sunday’s scores wanted to Shoop with 195 pts. That’s none of your business.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Sunday 03.19.23 ^*^*^*^*
Crucial Taunt – Brews Brothers Brewpub, Burbank, CA – 90 pts.
Denim Chicken – Random Row Brewing Co., Charlottesville, VA – 90 pts.
My Neighbors Recently Made a Sex Tape, They Just Don’t Know It Yet – Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery, Austin, TX – 90 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Quizzing Areas Sunday by Average^*^*^*^*
Charlottesville, VA – 70.36 pts.
Austin, TX – 69.31 pts.
Los Angeles, CA – 67.38 pts.

Charlottesville, VA was the only Quizzing Area to break an average of 70 pts. Top score saw a three-some of 90 pts. I heard Crucial Taunt really wails!

32.73% of teams knew “We’d bet plenty a wrap dress has been worn on Eos, a 305-foot-long yacht owned by Barry Diller and what fashion designer wife?” That’s Diane von Furstenberg. I hope the yacht has an umlaut.

A team name, Sunday, that launched my humor.exe file:

TRL Trivia Request Live – Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room, Portland, OR

Until next time, human(s)!