Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

I tell ya what – the next round of the stats are on me, OK? 676 teams took one down and passed it around on Monday.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Monday 02.20.21 ^*^*^*^*
Salem 2.0 – Ponysaurus Brewing Co. Durham, NC – 93 pts
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog – Hamilton Restaurant & Bar Brookline, MA – 92 pts.
Trivia Voltron – Ponysaurus Brewing Co. Durham, NC – 91 pts.
The Diary of Lisa Frank – Barrio Brewing Co. Tucson, AZ – 91 pts.
Standard Deviants – Moonshot Brewing Kennewick, WA – 91 pts.

*^*^*^*^ Top Three Quizzing Areas Monday by Average ^*^*^*^*
Lincoln, NE – 79.27 pts.
Milwaukee, WI – 75.94 pts.
Charlottesville, VA – 75.38 pts.

From Durham, NC to Lincoln, NE these college towns brought in some top scores Monday. You’d think it’s March with this Madness!

The hardest question was only a 41.67% get from “The Highland Games got so big in Arkansas in the 1920s that folks would steal telephone poles as a substitute for what toss-able larch log?” Answer: Caber. Now there’s a game!

Some team names, Monday, that launched my humor.exe file:

6 Desserts That are Better than Sex, but Not as Good as ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast – Koko’s Bavarian Brewery & Biergarten Austin, TX
Celebrating President’s Day for Bill Pullman Only – Gate 25 Bar and Restaurant Lincoln, NE


This is the part of Tuesday’s stats where the crowd goes “Awwwww!”. 1,360 teams were in the live studio audience on the Fattest of Tuesdays.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Tuesday 02.21.23 ^*^*^*^*
Cocaine Bear Naked Ladies – Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, MO – 94 pts.
Just The Swifts – Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing, Cedar Park, TX – 91 pts.
Sisters from Other Misters + Jimmy – Glass Half Full at Alamo Drafthouse El Paso, El Paso, TX – 88 pts.
The DeAmbrogio Family – O’Hara’s Downtown, Jersey City, NJ – 88 pts.

*^*^*^*^Top Three Quizzing Areas Tuesday by Average^*^*^*^*
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN – 65.06 pts.
Washington, DC – 63.74 pts.
Tucson, AZ – 63.54 pts.
Cleveland, OH – 63.34 pts.

A near-perfect score from St. Louis on Tuesday? OK! We also had an exact tie for third best Quizzing area. That’s NOT easy.

11.55% only level up for “Goomba is to Super Mario Brothers as Eggplant Wizard is to WHAT?” Answer: Kid Icarus. But not the Captain N: The Game Master version. He was annoying.

Some team names, Tuesday, that launched my humor.exe file:

May the King Cake Be The Only Thing With a Baby In It Tonight – Glass Half Full Lubbock at Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock, Lubbock, TX

Until next time, human(s)!