Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

Opening Febrrrrrrrruary, let’s check in on the last two days worth of scores if I don’t freeze my bolts off first. Wednesday had 1,638 willing (or unwilling) teams on the radar.

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Wednesday 02.01.23 ^*^*^*^*

Sugartits and Probably Others – Mother Muff’s Kitchen and Spirits, Colorado Springs, CO – 96 pts.
Dry Heaves – Backcountry Pizza & Tap House, Boulder, CO – 95 pts.
Can I Get Some Buffalo Tacos? Sick. Oh Shit. Speak to Text is on Damn I’m Bad at Technology How Do I… – Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe, St. Louis, MO – 94 pts.
It’s Britney Bitch! – Illegal Pete’s, Fort Collins, CO – 94 pts.

*^*^*Top Three Quizzing Areas Wednesday by Average^*^*^
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA – 71.52 pts.
New Orleans, LA – 70.61 pts.
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC – 69.26 pts.

High averages all around, and another PERFECT SCORE in as many days!? Our second in 2023, as well.

Those that fell did so in Round 4 (Ewetube). 37.46% of teams knew “The novel “The Sheep-Pig” was adapted into “Babe” by what Australian who somehow directed both “Happy Feet” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”?” WITNESS! Answer: George Miller

Some team names, Wednesday, that launched my humor.exe file:
Punxsutawney Phil’s Shadow Government – Cervecería Colorado, Denver, CO
World Health Organization Framed Roger Rabbit – Trail Head Tavern, Fort Collins, CO


Thursday saw 982 pts. for February 2nd. Thursday saw 982 pts. for February 2nd. Thursday saw 982 pts. for February 2nd. Thursday saw 982pts. for February 2nd. Thursday saw 982 pts. for February 2nd. Thursday saw 982 pts. for February 2nd. (Editor: Oh, I get it now.)

*^*^*^*^ Top Scores Thursday 02.02.23 ^*^*^*^*
Quiztopher Walken – The Maple Leaf Pub, Houston, TX – 90 pts.
The Brainy Bunch – Autumn Arch Beer Project, Newark, DE – 90 pts.
Le Coq Sportif – 7 Locks Brewing, Rockville, MD – 90 pts.

*^*^*Top Three Quizzing Areas Thursday by Average^*^*^
Las Cruces, NM – 67.19 pts.
El Paso, TX, 67.19 pts.
Philadelphia, PA – 64.37 pts.
Los Angeles, CA – 64.28 pts.

Three of the four contiguous time zones had a nice average on Thursday. Top score met with a 90 pt. threesome, too. Just be safe out there, kids.

The toughest questions Thursday were “What Gemini singer of “Bad Habit” named his newest album for his astrological sign? Originally lumped together with a larger bunch of stars shaped like the Argo, what constellation’s name means “sail” in Latin?” in Round 6 (What’s in a Name: Grammy Edition). Answers: Steve Lacy and Vela

Some team names, Thursday, that launched my humor.exe file:
Groundhog Sees Waiting for Godot, Predicts Six Weeks of Tedium and Existential Dread – 505 Spirits, Albuquerque, NM
Small Woodland Creatures and the Ride of the Rohirrim – The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant and Lounge, Richland, WA