Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot’s Quaque Altera Die Digits

For those of you who need to brush up on your Latin, you’ll see me in your feed every other day with a whole last of stats for the last two nights and maybe a run-on sentence or two.

On Monday this week just over 600 teams (603) did some Quizzin’ in the land. Let’s get it to 666 next week for some REAL fun!

Top Scores Monday – 1.23.23
We Drink and We Know Things – Volition Brewing, North Bend, WA – 93 pts.
Indoor-Voice Jay Hawkins – The Londoner Addison, Addison, TX – 92 pts.
Baruch College Volleyball Champions – Pimlico Irish Pub, Houston, TX – 90 pts.
Rodents of Unusual Size – BarFly at Alamo Drafthouse, Denver, CO – 90 pts.

So dang happy to see you in the stats, Barfly!

Top Three Quizzing Areas Monday (1.23.23) by Average Score
Chicago, IL – 76 pts.
San Francisco, CA – 73.5 pts.
Anchorage, AK – 73.13 pts.

It’s OK in AK, huh? Monday’s hardest question was “Before it became the 14th member of the Union, what state was a totally independent republic for a good 14 years?” with only ~20% of you guessing correctly. Don’t tell Ben and/or Jerry that.

Some teams names Monday launched my humor.exe file:

Cordyceps Got All Our Other Friends but We’re Gluten Intolerant – Bears vs Bulls at Alamo Drafthouse, San Francisco, CA

Totally Normal Team Name That is Not Rude or Offensive to the Host – Glass Half Full at Alamo Drafthouse Dallas / Fort Worth , Richardson, TX


TUESDAY brought 1,459 teams to the Quiz cult. Welcome brothers, sisters, and other robots.

Top Scores Tuesday – 1.24.23
Tyler & The Swifts – Red Horn Coffee Shop & Brewing, Cedar Park, TX – 93 pts.
Menachem Begin Thee Stallion – Mudrock’s Tap & Tavern Louisville, CO – 92 pts.
Oscar Nominated Actor Austin Butler – Barrel O’ Fun at Alamo Drafthouse Mueller, Austin, TX – 91 pts.

Austin Butler’s Golden Globe accepted speech should have just been
“Thank you. Thank you very much.”. FAIL.

Top Three Quizzing Areas Tuesday – 1.24.23
Worcester, MA – 72.67 pts.
Phoenix, AZ – 71.47 pts.
South Bend, IN – 70.71 pts.

Looking at averages by Metropolitan Statistical Areas sure is ocular-opening! I see you, Woooostuh! Tuesday’s toughest question was “Austria loves their sweet little Wiener Krapfen, apricot jelly donuts eaten during what churchy season that ends when Lent starts?”.

Only 8.64% of you know your Wieners. That surprises me.

Some team names Tuesday launched my humor.exe file:

Looking to Trade a Classified Document for an Egg – Kingfisher, Washington, DC

Did Your Favorite Movie of the Year Get a Nomination? Nope. – Whip In, Austin, TX

Nope, indeed. Until next time, humans!