It’s Friday, which means it’s time to (virtually) meet another one of our Geeks Who Drink coworkers. This week, we’re chatting to our recently hired Digital Marketing Strategist, Meghan Hewlitt.

Hi Meghan. For starters, where are you originally from and where do you live now? I originally moved from up north, the DC-Maryland area, and I now live in Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been here for about 12 years now. 

And how did you first learn about Geeks Who Drink? I learned about Geeks Who Drink when I was looking for remote positions here in Savannah during the pandemic. I was working for a local production company here — I still do some work with them — but I knew I wanted to work remotely. It was partially for safety, and partially because I felt like I might have more options in different industries. I wanted to find work that I enjoyed and could have fun with, so I was kind of picky with my choices of where I applied. I stumbled across Geeks Who Drink and was immediately intrigued by the name. I went to the website and learned more about the company, and thought it was the coolest thing. When I applied and got the position, I was elated, because I felt like ‘Oh, now my random nerd knowledge can be put to proper use.’ 

Have you ever played Geeks Who Drink or gone to any of the daily quizzes? I’ve done our virtual quizzes but have never been to an in-person Geeks Who Drink event. Unfortunately, we don’t have one here in Savannah right now. My aunt lives in Austin, Texas, and I told her about it when I started working here and she actually went to a quiz – so maybe I’ll get to go when I visit her. 

What has your role been like since you started? I’m the digital marketing strategist and I absolutely love it. Being in the marketing department, you kind of get to see all of the little bits and bobs that make up this well-oiled machine. 

You also get to see all of our TikToks and read all of the blog posts, so what’s the most interesting thing that you’ve learned since you started?  Oh my gosh, there’s a ton of stuff like that, especially on our news feeds. Every day, I’m like ‘Huh, OK, I didn’t know that.’ And then there’s Grant [Thackray’s] TikToks. I just put one up about discontinued Girl Scout cookies, and it’s hilarious. I didn’t know that, even though [some cookies] aren’t in existence anymore, the names are still trademarked so other companies can’t use them. 

What do you enjoy the most about your job? Probably the interactions with the team, and learning everybody’s personalities. I like seeing what kinds of things each of us are interested in, and there’s a lot of humor that comes along with that. 

I remember from a TikTok you made that you’re also a dancer? Yes, I’m a professional dancer. I’ve been dancing my whole life. When I moved to Savannah, there was a dance festival and they asked me if I would be Ms. Trina Parks’ escort for the weekend. She was also teaching a class, and she asked if I’d be the dance assistant. My jaw dropped right then. 

For those of us who don’t know the dance world, I’m assuming that’s a big deal? She’s a huge deal. She was the first Black Bond girl. She was in Diamonds are Forever, the one in the yellow bikini named Thumper. I remember seeing that movie when I was a kid and just thought she was so cool. Her scenes — especially where she’s fighting with James Bond — got me interested in the whole world of gymnastics and other things. So yeah, I was her dance assistant. She’s taught me different dance routines that are native to our shared heritage of being West Indian and Haitian. She taught me some ritual dances that I performed, and actually won an award for. So that was really cool. 

Meghan with Ms. Trina Parks

Wow. You’re still performing? Yes, I’m doing a performance in Austin in June. I’m just going for the weekend to do it, and to see my aunt real quick and give her a hug.

And to go to a Geeks trivia night. And to do that too.