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Prohibition (Utah)
151 6100 S
Murray, UT
Monday, Apr 24, 2017
[Mondays @ 7:00 pm]
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A fantastic inaugural quiz!
Stage Manager John

Prohibition is a great home for the new quiz. The staff brought all the joy in the form of food, libations and joining in the fun for the evening. Erica, Patrick and Chazz are a great crew that made Quiz even better. Our teams were comprised of complete newbies and seasoned veterans. All jumped in with gusto and kept the evening rolling with humor, appropriate dad joke groans and creative (if not always correct) answers. Cowboys were the most enthusiastic duo of the evening with Pro Ho’s and the No Win Zone jostling for their positions throughout the night. Dirtiest Book Club ladies lived up to their name. Gangsters,
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I do stuff in live theatre and sling drinks and host quizzes. My dog is named after Rory Williams and my fiance's eyes are in permanent eye-roll when we speak.