The Geek In Review is your weekly look at the best in team names and mathematical break downs of the best Quizzers across the country. Think your team is good? Not until you rank on the Geek In Review!


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"E=MC Hammer" - WhichCraft (Austin, TX)
February 4th-February 9th, 2017


"Red Hot Trivia Peppers" - The Angry Goat Pub (Rochester, NY)
January 28th-February 2nd, 2017


"Fred Ward Makes Me Tremor" - Two Penguins (Centennial, CO)
January 21st-26th, 2017


"Flirting with Disaster 2: Diplomatic Bugaloo - Nationwide Friday!" - Grand Rapids Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI)
January 14th-19th, 2017


"I Am One With The Force; The Force Is With Me" - CHUBurger (Longmont, CO)
January 7th-12th, 2017


"Bangher & Smash" - Baker St. Pub & Grill (Lakewood, CO)
December 31st, 2016-January 5th, 2017



The YEAR in Review - 2016


"Han Solo & the Princess Leias" - Trubble Brewing (Fort Wayne, IN)
December 24th-29th, 2016



A Team with Holiday Spirit - Easy Monkey Taphouse (Shoreline, WA)
December 17th-22nd, 2016



”Bad Capitalists” - The Ute and Yeti (Colorado Springs, CO)
December 10th-15th, 2016



”It's My Birthday, and I Can Cry If I Want To” - World of Beer-Belmar (Denver, CO)
December 3rd-8th, 2016



”Fingerbang” - Ballard Loft (Seattle, WA)
November 26th-December 1st, 2016



”Hoof Arted” - Two Pengins (Centennial, CO)
November 19th-24th, 2016


”DMVExit” - Mad Fox Taproom (Washington, DC)
November 12th-17th, 2016


"A Team Has No Name"- Cleats Bar and Grill EAST (Colorado Springs, CO)
November 5th-10th, 2016


"Madonna's Offer Blown by Wiener Leaks"- Aces and Ales (Las Vegas, NV)
October 29th-November 3rd, 2016


Pre-Halloween Quiz - The Harp Inn (Costa Mesa, CA)
October 22nd-27th, 2016


”Colonel Mustard's Ketchup Fetish” - Fado Irish Pub (Chicago, IL)
October 15th-20th, 2016


”The Better Berries” - Nomad Bar (Austin, TX)
October 8th-13th, 2016