March 4th, 2017 at 7:00pm

Smith Cove Terminal

Seattle, WA


Geek Bowl hit the road for the 11th year and brought the biggest, loudest and, almost certainly, the most Love Boat-y-est quiz in the land to Seattle, Washington! For the first time, the nation's best teams convened in the Pacific Time Zone to compete for the $11,000 grand prize, a novelty check and a small piece of metal that probably needs to be sterilized. It has been to Philly. Twice. Times were had and money was stacks of cash were raised for our charity partner Child's Play. Oh yeah, and someone posterized the competition and walked out our newest Geek Bowl champs!


Before we confused a LOT of dockyard workers at Smith Cove, we got our party on a Seattle's famous Museum of Pop Culture on Friday night.




The annual Geek Bowl pre-party was bigger and badder than ever with guest access to the Museum itself, 50ft worth of Mario Kart and live band karaoke from Rock-Bot! Like Geek Bowl itself, this was a benefit for Child's Play and more than $1,000 was raised for the charity in our silent auction! Special thanks to Elysian Brewing for keeping the beers flowing, the legendary Ken Jennings (more on him later!) for the silent auction donations, Gameworks and our video game emcees Jon Pio and Holland Hume.


We may have partied hard on Friday night, buf if there's one thing we Geeks Who Drink know, it's shaking it off. After drowning that hangover in coffee, more than 1200 players made the trek to the waterfront for Geek Bowl XI for the big show. For four(ish) hours Smith Cove Terminal became ground zero in the trivia world with team from 23 states (and Canada!) competing for more than $20k in prizes. Special thanks to Bread & CircusesPlum BurgersNach'Yo Average Food TruckGogi on the Go, Cheese Wizards and La Riviera Maya for making food happen and to Foodz Catering, Elysian Brewing and Union Wine Company for the booze!




As always, we kicked off the night with a little entertainment. This year, Mr. Dicker's class taught you the history of Seattle and we introduced you to the Geek Bowl crew with a show that was off the air before 25% of the audience was even born. That's a the trade-off for the Twitter question in Round One.



If you were confused, baffled or simply lost by the end of the opening number, we had you right where we wanted you! We welcomed our Geek Bowl Emcee John W. Smith and the night's special guest, and trivia legend, Ken Jennings to the stage to throw out our ceremonial first question. It was anything but ceremonial though, as his question would serve as a tie-breaker for the rest of the evening. He even imparted a bit of advice before he left. Don't Drink and Quiz! Based on the amount of empty cans of wine we saw, we can confirm most of you didn't follow it.




After that, we jumped straight into the action with our first two rounds. After Round One: Sound Off!, a rousing set of questions about Inlets and Peninsulas, we welcomed our Geek Bowl XI house band Escort to the stage for our second round. They rocked the room in eight different styles during Round Two: Not the World's Oldest Profession.




Thought that Ken Jennings the only surprise guest we had for you? You'd be totally wrong! We had a special video from Boston mayor Marty Walsh who just couldn't pass up on an opportunity to troll a room full of Seahawks fans and reveal something special about Geek Bowl XII. We'll be headed to Boston for that in 2018!



Round Three: Justice is Served hit the stage next and tested your knowledge of justice related... stuff. Nothing quite tortures the brain like 50/50 questions. Justinia would not be proud of some of your answers. After that, the Geeks Who Drink Gaelic-ers made their entrance for Round Four: I Once Was a Man From Nantucket. You survived, but just barely, and we took our first break of the night. Escort hit the stage again and we waited for our first look at the night's standings. 




After our first four rounds, the scores told us just one thing. Philly's own Independence Hall & Oates was in the top spot. Could they hold on for the back-half of the quiz? Only time would tell... The lights dimmed and our annual dose of phallic humor begin. This year we gave it to you in the form of Round Five: Checks and Phalluses!



The night was rolling at this point, and we launched in to Round 6: Muppety Womanfolk. This is the closest you're ever getting to a Muppets theme quiz, so we hope you enjoyed it. We had one more big surprise in store for you. Round Seven: Geek Kune Do hit the stage. We promise video is coming, so you can enjoy it's original form. Fight scenes from movies acted out live on stage. We hope you found it delightful.




We took a break after all the excitement and let Escort hit the stage again. Ther sweet disco sounds distracted us from the real question. Would Independence Hall & Oates still be in the lead after seven rounds? Spoiler. Yes. Yes they would be. We had some other treats as well. During the break, we brought you our annual In Memoriam tribute to the Geek celebs and characters we lost in 2016. It really was a rough year. Sweet home every single character in Rogue One.



Now that we KNEW Philly was one round from there third victory, everything was on the line in Round 8: Random Knowledge! The packets came in, Escort came back and we played the waiting game. The scores scrawled and, Geek Bowl X champs, Shiny and Chrome, Independence Hall and Oates, Chico and the Man's Bail Bonds, Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiative, Denver Gonna Give You Up and Incontinental Congress ventured up to the stage. But only one could win...



Congrats to our Geek Bowl XI champions Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiative!


Afterwards, we caught up with our winners and some of the new teams on stage this year to see how they'll remember Geek Bowl XI. We’ve collected a few choice bits on the experience to share with you before we hand things over to Quizbot for the stats!


From Eric of Independence Hall and Oats on their continued success and losing by one point AGAIN:


We have been on stage every year, so there's not much more we can do to finally come out on top again one of these years. It's not like we are consistently placing behind one team, or missing a specific category of questions. We basically just try to make sure we have as much of the core team as possible, and that's been pretty good to us. 


From Julio of Denver Gonna Give You Up on changing up the team:


We won at Geek Bowl four, placed second three times and have most years come within striking distance of the top. This year we did switch it up by adding a wonderful female member Becca (also a longtime Denver quizzer) in what used to be an all-male team. Not coincidentally we moved up two spots this year to finish in the money.


From Steve of The Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiatve on the team and their trivia street cred:


We know each other in various ways but mostly through the online trivia universe, where we're known to play stuff together via online chats and Google Hangouts. Victoria Groce amond I go way back to when we both lived in Atlanta in the early 2000s and used to play quizbowl for rival teams, but we're good old friends. Otherwise these are folks I've known for 2 or 3 years, from Trivia Championships of North America and O'Briens in L.A. and other online avenues. The roster was Ryan Chaffee (Santa Monica, CA), Colby Burnett (Chicago, IL), Victoria Groce (Pittsburgh, PA). Steve Bahnaman (Raleigh, NC), Susannah Brooks (Madison, WI) and Troy Meyer (San Francisco, CA). Colby was the 2013 Tournament of Champions winner, Susannah won a couple of games in '06, Victoria beat David Madden's streak in 2005, and Ryan won 4 games in 2009. Those of us not named Troy also competed or were in the final contestant pool for 500 Questions, which is where Susannah and I met in 2015.


From Daniel of Independence Hall and Oats on being the villians:


Getting booed by ~1200 people was one of the best feelings I've ever had.


From Susannah of The Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiatve on what they're doing with their winnings:


After we won, we learned about a situation involving a friend of ours from the trivia community. Andy Arnold is a great guy and avid trivia player who is part of the Kelly Autism Program at Western Kentucky University, which provides support for autistic students attending the university. It's made a big difference to him, and many others. Unfortunately, his family ran into some funding issues, and he can't continue until he is able to pay several thousand dollars. We're each pledging part of our winnings towards clearing that debt, and we want to encourage others to support this as well. Any extra funds would go to the program itself, to help other students - this is Andy's personal wish. Oh and a six-spigot sauce dispenser shaped like the Ark of the Covenant.


Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot's Geek Bowl X Round Recap


207 teams. Four-ish Hours. One WINNER of the top prize! Who wants a hot data injection from the QUIZBOT!  Open up and say "AhhhhhhhH!!!!!!".  

Round 1 – Sound Off!

Round 1 held a high average of 6.5 pts., which is probably where it should be... even at Geek Bowl!  Lots of perfect scores, but only about a fourth of you.  The question on the Phantom Tollbooth was indeed the hardest in that round.  

Round 2 – Not the World's Oldest Profession
Escort rocked Round 2 with some disco funk-i-fied versions of songs. Let's get ONE thing straight: REO Speedwagon did NOT do "Sister Christian! The Decemberists had the hardest song in that Round. ONE perfect score in that Round from "Fair Weather Fans in a Bad Weather City" from Boulder. Only 44 jokers used in Round 2, and seven teams that SHOULD have jokered with it being the highest 16 pt. Round they had.


Round 3 – Justice is Served
Round 3 hopefully seared "Justitia" into your feeble human minds! Or maybe it was too obvious?  Anyway, lots of you missed that question. The fewest jokers of any Round with 14. NO perfect scores in Round 3!  Justice, indeed!  MWA HA HA HA!

Round 4 – I Once Was a Man From Nantucket
We can probably trace the winners at Geek Bowl back to this very round.  The hardest Round of the night, for sure, with an average of just under 6 pts. Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiative had the highest score of ANYONE and only 15 pt. score, AND they didn't even joker this Round to WIN IT ALL!  The top six teams had at least a double-digit score in Round 4.  

Round 5 – Checks and Phalluses
It wouldn't be Geek Bowl without all of the Dicks, right?  Uh, sure...right!  Only 17 perfect scores, though, including the top three teams.  They sure know Dick!  MANY of you had 6 pts. on this Round.  Take some pills, and you'll see that raise next time. The hardest dick (heh) was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  

Round 6 – Muppety Womenfolk
Round 6 was tough with almost a 4 pt. average, with so few of you getting the question about "Good Luck Charlie".  Bad luck for you, I guess.  Weird shout out to team Angry Pirates who had one of THREE perfect scores in Round 6!  *KERMIT SAYS YAAAAAAYYYY*

Round 7 – Geek Kune Do
Round 7 continued the trend of being one of the easiest Rounds at Geek Bowl with about a 6 pt. average. And four Jokers used? In an 8 pt. Round?! C'mon! Only about half of you got Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.  I guess...YOU ARE!

Round 8 – Random Knowledge
Just about a 7 pt. average in the final round of Geek Bowl, but 138 of you used your Joker on this Round.  42 of you did so with a 5 pt. score or lower. SOME of you scored 0 pts., but I won't name names.  Random, indeed!

More Fun Facts

- If Incontinental Congress used their Joker on Round 3 instead of Round 4, they would have moved into 4th place.  OUCH.

- I said it above, too, but Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiative didn't even Joker the highest Round.  They could have won by 3 pts. overall.

Until NEXT YEAR, humans!




1 Shawn Kemp Fatherhood Initiative Raleigh 97
2 Independence Hall and Oates Philadelphia 96
3 Shiny and Chrome Little Rock 94
4 Chico and the Man's Bail Bonds Albuquerque 92
5 Denver Gonna Give You Up Denver 91
6 Incontinental Congress Dallas 91
7 Fair Weather Fans in a Bad Weather City Boulder 90
8 Something Something Comma Austin 88
9 Team of Enchantment & the Prisoner of Azkaban Redlands 87
10 Jeff King is the Worst Frederick 86
11 Plush Toy of the Apocalypse Minneapolis 86
12 No Pants Required Jacksonville 84
13 Awkward Family Gangbang Photos Dallas 84
14 Snatchbox 20 Seattle 84
15 Tequila Mockingbird Seattle 83
16 Colonel Angus T. Jones Colorado Springs 83
17 Mothra Hoople Denver 83
18 That's What She Said Austin 83
19 Gentlemen Take Polaroids Denver 82
20 Whiskey Quizness Jersey City 82
21 The Guesstapo Salt Lake City 82
22 The Sorting Hat Put Us in Waffle House Seattle 81
23 Samuel Taylor Cool Ranch Portland 81
24 Spokane But It Won't Spokane 80
25 Spooky Ghosts Seattle 80
26 My Nerd Alert Just Melted Down Seattle 80
27 Cult of Skarobucks Bellevue 78
28 You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Portland 78
29 Millions Mourn As Ted Nugent Found Alive Kansas City, Seattle 78
30 Looking for a heart in Alderaan places Houston 77
31 The Piccadilly Twitz Denver 77
32 Screw you we're from Texas Seattle 77
33 Dr. Spaceman Seattle 77
34 45 Characters?! We only have 6 on our team. Austin 76
35 Congratulations Kurt Cobain - 8369 Days Sober! San Francisco 76
36 Imma Go With In Da Butt, Steve Tacoma 75
37 Westeros Douze Points Boston, Chicago, Seattle 75
38 Son of Fancy Pants Seattle 74
39 The Hobo Goat Family Austin 74
40 Crack Suicide Squad Salt Lake City 74
41 Bing Bong Chong Salt Lake City 73
42 Captain Tit-Hand and The Muffin Tops Seattle 73
43 Wu Tang is for the Children Seattle 73
44 Alien v. Predator v. Brown v. Board of Education Denver 73
45 Teamy Pickles Denver 73
46 Irritable Vowel Syndrome Boulder 72
47 Fly Into the Carlos Danger Zone Seattle 72
48 Juggernaughty By Nature Salt Lake City 72
49 Marq Sharkey featuring the Dolphin Lundgrens Denver 71
50 Chimpanzee Amish San Antonio 71
51 You're a Quizard, Harry Seattle 71
52 Killer Fuzzy Bunnies Vancouver 71
53 Shenanimals Seattle 70
54 Scarves Bellevue 70
55 Marky Mark and the Clunky Hunch Boston 70
56 I Thought This Was A.A. Chicago 70
57 The Dan Brown Tattoos Albuquerque 70
58 Bicycle Curious Pedalphiles Chicago 70
59 Mother Love Ken Bone Denver, New York, Seattle 70
60 Michael Bolton Wanderers San Antonio 70
61 Nickelbackstreet Boys Seattle 70
62 We're here because it's in Seattle, not because we're good Seattle 69
63 Pleasant Mother Pheasant Pluckers Lafayette 69
64 Ed Gein Sausage Co. Bend 69
65 Rock, Flag, and Eagle Portland 69
66 Nationalize Wal-Mart Olathe 69
67 Nuts & Gum: Together at Last! Portland 69
68 Toque Live Crew Vancouver 69
69 Terminator Porn 3: Come for the Needle Kenmore 69
70 Trumpelthinskin Wichita 69
71 Stir Crazy Hudson Valley 68
72 The Knights of Hammelot Seattle 68
73 Denim Chicken Cambridge 68
74 Some %age of the team is boning the ledgerman Seattle 68
75 The Babyshitters Club Seattle 68
76 Eat a Bag of Dick's © Tacoma 68
77 Off Constantly Seattle 68
78 Trash Pandas Portland 68
79 Arrogant Bastards Seattle 67
80 Drinky and the Brains! Fort Collins 67
81 Budget Sex Toys Portland 67
82 24th Street Quizzers Denver 67
83 Les Quizarables Portland 66
84 Appalachian Tendencies Seattle 66
85 Shenanagrams Seattle 66
86 Axis of C'ville Charlottesville 66
87 Spectacularly Adequate Seattle 66
88 After the Quiz, It's the After-Quiz Seattle, Tacoma 65
89 Casket of Adorables Boulder 65
90 Beer Pressure Seattle 65
91 Fallopian Boobs Austin 65
92 Angry Pirates Richland 65
93 Nacho Momma's Seattle 65
94 Our Team Name was Defunded by Congress Seattle 65
95 Durty Nelly's All Starz Costa Mesa 64
96 Slothstronauts Seattle 64
97 Beer is my spirit animal Richland 64
98 3 Doors Down syndrome Seattle 64
99 Pinball Quizzards Seattle 63
100 No, Donna, that is NOT Bruce Willis. Portland 63
101 A Few Legal Eagles and Some Pigeons Las Vegas 63
102 Werewolves Not Swearwolves Seattle 63
103 Space for your Needle Dallas 63
104 I Might Be Wrong Dallas 63
105 Ken Jennings is a Fuck Machine San Jose 63
106 TAINT BY NUMBERS Bellingham 62
107 Midwest Shitfest Tacoma 62
108 You Only Gave Us 45 Characters?  What the Hell, Geek Bowl Shoreline 62
109 Kitten Mittens Seattle 61
110 The Belgian ROFLs Tucson 61
111 I Thought There'd Be More Flannel Houston 61
112 LoveFist Austin 60
113 Ah Hell, I'm a Fan of Round Seven. But Right Now, I'm Gonna Have to Go with Wrath. Santa Fe 60
114 Turds of Prey Fort Collins 60
115 A Tale of Two Titties Seattle 60
116 Dank Memes Can't Melt Steel Beams Seattle 60
117 De Goat Dem Denver 60
118 U.N.I.T. Boulder 60
119 It Takes 3 to DP Seattle 60
120 Two Gentlement of Corona Portland 60
121 King Jellybean's Closet Seattle 60
122 Hairy Chutzpah Fort Wayne 60
123 Sex Racists Littleton 59
124 Ms Swill: A Monomaniacal Fist Highlands Ranch 59
125 Lead Bass Seattle 59
126 Team Affirmative Action San Angelo 59
127 The Rural Jurors Bothell 58
128 Iron Beaver Austin 58
129 Bags of Flesh Seattle 58
130 #Leftshark Everett 58
131 Pirate Geeks: the Scourge of the Rio Grande Corrales 58
132 Mediocre Dunces Denver 58
133 Former Answers, Current Answer, and One Answer to be San Antonio 58
134 Oliver Tryst Seattle 58
135 Lofty Aspirations Seattle 58
136 Its Laura's birthday so you better let us win Anchorage 58
137 Sex Hamster Denver 57
138 The Real Housewives of ISIS Seattle 57
139 Big in Japan San Francisco 57
140 whoa, what's coming out of that glory hole!?  Seattle 57
141 KX 93.5 Laguna Beach 56
142 We're with the Band Colorado Springs 56
143 The Eh Team Vancouver 56
144 Thong Song = Best Song Seattle 56
145 Arts and Mother Fuckin' Farts Portland 55
146 Just When I Think I'm Out That Butt Pulls Me Back In Seattle 55
147 Easily amused Denver 55
148 Geek Tragedy Broomfield 55
149 The Spinsters Actually Have Friends Seattle 55
150 Up the Poudre to the Rist Fort Collins 54
151 Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem Seattle 54
152 I see you shiver with precipi....tation! Denver 54
153 Beer Monocles Lancaster 53
154 The Fucking OG's Didn't Make the Trip Albuquerque 53
155 Supernintendo Chalmers Seattle 53
156 Hung Like A Horse Whisperer Dallas 52
157 For this much money, we should be getting a better escort! Albuquerque 52
158 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Fort Collins 52
159 Came for the Orgy, Stayed for the Quiz San Antonio 52
160 Cats From Japan Seattle 51
161 Hair of the dog Seattle 51
162 Everybody Having a Good Time Tonight Say Yea... Yea Seattle 50
163 A Saguaro Can Kill a Man Dallas 50
164 Dunkin Donuts Smoking Section Boston 49
165 A Team To Be Named Later Vancouver 49
166 The Memberberries Longmont, Puyallup 48
167 Dickpoop Frisco 48
168 Klingon Me Softly, With His Song Santa Clarita 48
169 Das Gangbang Seattle 48
170 Dwight, You Ignorant Slut! Seattle 48
171 Ted Danson fan club Seattle 48
172 Team Name Seattle 47
173 We Drink and We Know Things Colorado Springs 47
174 Dr Stupid & The Funky Bunch Seattle 47
175 Midnight Enema Fort Collins 47
176 The Discard Pile Everett 47
177 Better Late Than Pregnant Chicago 46
178 Drunk Wives Matter Centennial 46
179 Mind Palace Phoenix 46
180 Enchantment? Seattle 46
181 Charles Whitman's Sampler Tucson 46
182 Sash Squash Seattle 46
183 Horse Drawn Miscarriage Fort Collins 46
184 It’s better than Psoriasis Kent 46
185 Kaiser Soze roll Kirkland 45
186 Trivia Newton John Oregon City 45
187 Fillory Clintons Seattle 45
188 Interrobang Seattle 45
189 3 Micks, 2 Frogs and a Pole Rollinsville 45
190 Phineas Gages Vancouver 44
191 The Kangawoos Port Coquitlam 44
192 HatTrick Seattle 44
193 That must be Nigel with the Brie Silverdale 44
194 Poo Poo Piranhas Fort Collins 43
195 The Team Who Must Not Be Named Austin 42
196 Kiek in de Kök Houston 42
197 Moons of Ur-Anus Seattle 41
198 Space Pandas San Francisco 41
199 Remember to lube up before doing the robot Seattle 41
200 Never Nudes Broomfield 41
201 3 Inches of Dangling Fury Hillsboro 41
202 Foregone Conclusion Vancouver 39
203 Purple Armadillos Chicago 39
204 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers Fort Collins 38
205 TP3.5: We Came More Than Once! Kenmore 34
206 The Kidney Stones Portland 29
207 Wheelhouse Seattle 28