And the winner is... Irish Rover regulars, The Moops in a late, late night sudden death round edging out The Slump Busters for $700.00
(From the left: Tim Randman, Tom Fitzgerald, Andy Colella, Janice Zuck, and Joe Colacioppo)




38 teams competed on Sunday, and here they are folks -- the final scores for the first-ever Wrestlemania of trivia. Finishing in the money:


1st Place ($700) The Moops
2nd Place ($400) The Slump Busters
3rd Place ($250) I Am Curious George
4th Place  ($75) The Betas

2nd to Last
($20 in Chuck E. Cheese tokens) Releafing Snarks

The complete lineup:

The Moops                        95 (+4)
Slump Busters                    95 (+2)
I Am Curious George              91
The Betas                        89
Pee Pee In your Coke             87
Purple Monkey Dishwasher         87
Miss Kitty Fantastico            86
Double Nickels on the Dime       86
3+1=5                            85
Deadly Cobras                    84
Drunk Dialers                    84
The Pen Fifteen Club             82
Jim's Late Again                 81
30 + and the Junior League       81
Hardy's Missing Malls            80
Hive Mind                        80
Superfly TNT                     80
Charlie Motherfucking Bender     77
Off The Wagon                    76
The Lesdixics                    75
A Spic, A Jew, a Pollack...      74
Low Nipples                      74
Sweet Petal Douche               74
Baby Killers                     72
Closet Blondes                   70
Swallow The Leader 2             70
Cougar Bait                      68
Fat Cocks                        68
Lark Voorhees                    67
The Shockers                     67
2 Fast Four Love                 64
Waterloo                         64
Most of El Fantismo              57
The Devil Made Me Do It          53
Jazzhole All Stars               45
Drunk Virgins                    27
Releafing Snarks                 27
Delicious Snacks                 21

Geek Bowl 2007 Photos



Behold...our name in lights


Miss Kitty in full feline effizy


A quizmaster's job is never done...


What's Mookie griping about now?


McCabes powerhouse, The Betas.


Straight up Geeksta

3+1=5 went on to win matching leopard skin fez hats and liquor flasks. All they need is 20,000 AK47s and they can take over a small, central African republic



Geek Bowl 2007 Video Round 


This fantastic round was put together by Geeks Who Drink quizmasters Natalie, Andrew, and Ballard.


Question 1



Question 2



Question 3



Question 4



Question 5