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We hate getting things wrong. That's why we hire fact checkers. But sometimes, things still go wrong and we need to be held accountable - and our fact checkers and writers need to be flogged on a live webcam.

Please call shenanigans by filling out the form on this page. We will deliver swift justice, assuming, of course, that you're right.

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8:01 AM, December 09, 2012

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Chief editor, 24/7/365 yo.
Christopher (Superchamp)

Raised on various casseroles in the vast wasteland of Indiana, Christopher cut his teeth in the growing field of print journalism during a four-year Colorado stint, before returning to the Midwest to plot a world takeover from the place least likely to arouse suspicion. Occasionally listens to Katy Perry on purpose.

Little-known fact: Christopher won six games of Jeopardy in April 2011. Yes, the real kind.

Before we get under way: Keep your eyes on our Facebook page if you’re frustrated by the slowness of these Errorogenous Zone updates. Any time we get multiple flags on the same mistake – including two of these three – it will hit there first.

For instance: All the way back on Halloween, a whole lot of people told us that we forgot the St. Louis Rams on our list of NFL and NBA teams named for male mammals. Mind you, God has also forgotten them – they haven’t had a winning season since Kurt Warner bailed in 2003.

Scooting forward to November 19, umpteen quizzers spotted a problem with Round 2. We identified Van Morrison as the artist who performed “Gloria,” but really it was Them, his band at the time. (Who? Guess Who. Them? Yes.)

Finally, on November 25 we were caught out in an embarrassingly hilarious way. The theme was parts of the human body, and we had a question about that cow disease called foot-and-mouth. We specifically did NOT accept “hoof-and-mouth,” because humans don’t have hooves. Have you spotted the logic error there? Bobb from Black Star Co-Op did.

All in all, it's been a pretty good six weeks, and we're up to 99.81% accuracy for the year.