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The Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Tacoma)
3001 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA 98402
Wednesdays: 8:30 PM
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12:55 PM, March 01, 2013
Alex Hays says Go 10 Deep. 98

Sequester? I hardly knew her! 90

We can Pickle That 77

Chuck Norris Oatmeal 72

Quality Not Guaranteed 56

Puppy Lions 52

J.C. 49

Turd Herders 42

Pho Q 39

Outta Towners 34

The a Team 30

The Boy Wonder doesn't Need NOBODY 25

Johnny Mac 24

Ozzimo or The Captian


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday 8:30 at the Forum in Tacoma
Evan Query (Ozzimo or The Captian)

I was born a poor black child... hold on... nope thinking of someone else. I was born in Suburbia. Like, smack dab. My hometown of Puyallup is famous for 3 things.

1.  1. Before Prohibition it was the hops capital of the world. (Thanks a lot Puritans!! Grrrr) But this just goes to show that when they say there's something in the water around here, they're talking about beer.

2.  2. The guy who played the Dad on "A Christmas Story" graduated from Puyallup High School and is, as far as I know, the most famous person to grow up here.

3.  3. It is the current home of your humble Quizmaster, Ozzimo.

Anyway, here's the quick and dirty. I'm class of 01 from Puyallup High School; I left high school thinking I wanted to teach Choir as that was basically the extent of my knowledge. When I got to college I found out how little these people make and how hard they had to train to do it. I immediately changed my major to Political Science and have never looked back. This is one of the main reasons not to argue with me when you think I’m wrong. I'm trained to win a fight, even if the other person is 6 kinds of right.

I started quizzing when a coworker of mine turned me on to the quiz and mentioned GWD was looking for a Tacoma quizmaster. I went through the pre-req community college course, the ritual hazing, the bleeding/burning of saint if I ever left the family, and the chopping off of my ring finger on my right hand. I'm told this is all legit and there was no need to look it up to check.

You can find me at the Forum on Tuesdays at 8:30. I highly suggest ordering the Juicy Lucy while you're there.

We had an interesting turnabout happen at the RAM last night. Alex "Hey-yah" Hays brought a group of what I'm going to call "Others," in an attempt to try out his team against the reigning super team of Tacoma. He may have overdone it as they showed with a bulging 8 member team. They said, "We'll play for points." and I said "Cool with me, but no funny business." Here were the results of said humorous business:

In first place with a star is "Alex Hays says Go 10 Deep" with 98* points. In first place for the money was "Sequester? I Hardly Knew Her!" with a very solid 90 points. In second with 77 points in the newly rebranded "We Can Pickle That!" And in third place with 72 points was "Chuck Norris Oatmeal" rounding out the prize winners.

So what will all this Alex Hays business mean for the future of the quiz? Will it be a battle of Good vs. Evil? Drunks vs. Functioning Alcoholics? Gringos vs. even more Gringos? And who will split the tie when Hays' team actually shows up with 6 members? If I were me, I'd make sure to come back next week and find out. See you then!