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Treff's Tavern
804 Chestnut Ste D
San Marcos, TX 78666
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7:05 AM, July 26, 2012
suck it monkeys im going corporate 74

periodic table dancers 73

Winter is cumming without protection 73

Slutty Kilts 68

12 Inch Ditka 67

Mandy 64

Incest is Best, put your sister to the test 63

Alcoholocaust 49

cleavage to beaver 46

Alex Morgan 29



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday's at Treff's Tavern 8:30
John ()

When I am not quizing, you can find me teaching yo' kids, teaching yo' wife (or hopefully husband)... or more so drinking and yelling at someone about the current state of American Poetry.

Sigh, if only Allison were here... but no really.

We kept it british and sassy without her! 

I had a wonderful evening as my first solo (in all senses) as a quiz master.  We had questions about Mississippi (which suprisingly had two true/ false rounds, which aparently is how all the standardized tests in Mississippi are).  It was a tight and sexy race to the finish for first second and thrid, which ended with a tie between (minus suck it monkey's, I am going corporate (yay liz lemon!) they bowed out graciously due to prior engagements) 2nd and thrid, and of course a dance off between Periodic Table Dancers and Winter is cumming without protection (yes, I know they need a comma, but that's their name).  The Periodic Table Dancers ended up being the crowd favorite and thus we end up  with:

1. Movin on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky

2. The Periodic Table Dancers

3. Winter is Cumming, withour protection

All around, a wonderful first quiz master night at Treff's.  I plan to keep the dancing happening, the sandwiches falling, and of course, the magic flowing.