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Opal Divine's (Marina)
12709 Mopac at Parmer Lane
Austin, TX 78727
Saturdays: 10:00 PM
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1:20 PM, February 17, 2013
Roomba-bloodhound love triangle Jarvis 83

Mr Definitely 79

In Soviet Russia, Space Explore You 76

Doogle Mcsprayfarts 74

Everyone has a personal cocaine condom volume threshold 73

This should start at 9 72

Ting Ting goes to Sing Sing 71

I can see meteors from sarah palins house 71

Sex Pirates 71

Dr. Hau5 - DQ 70

Ermagherd Ron 69

Oscar Pistorius' Bloody Valentine 69

John Broder has an empty battery? Nope - check tesla 67

Whiskey Pedia 67

Abandonment Issues 67

Muppet Babies 66

I don't Care 66

Whiskey Business 64

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for the Homeless 62

The Lonely Islands 62

The Immortals 59

touched by an uncle 59

Quizerables 58

Dr Moo 57

Cocque Professor 57

Shark Week 55

You Give Me the fits 54

Petroglyph Squirrel Fish 53

Dragon Shark Merman Attack! 48

Arr! Its Drivin Me Nuts 47

Sonic Death Monkey 45

Booya Kasha Ree Spekt 43

Mario Rubio's Water Boys 42

Earl Grey - Hot! 41

Renee 40

Sams Sober 37

It?s a bird it?s a plane no it?s a DRONE STRIKE 36

Third derivatives 35

Battle Thong 28

Taboo 18

STFU and Drink 14

The Freshmaker (QMOTY*IV)


Quiz Schedule
Glass Half Full (Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline), Mondays @ 8:00pm Fado Irish Pub, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm Third Base Northwest (183 & Anderson Mill), Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
Ron (The Freshmaker (QMOTY*IV))

By day I work on getting carpal tunnel, by night I dance for your amuesment.

All I ask is that you draw me like one of your French girls. 

I love Rick & Morty and venues that serve mozzarella sticks.

I've been QM'ing since October 2010 and have loved every minute of it.  I'm actually sitting here counting the minutes until I can work on next week's quiz.  One... two... three... fourteen... seventy... eleven hundred... one jillion...

... I'm also crap at math.

You see, on Wednesday, I hosted a quiz for four teams here in north Austin.  Then tonight, we had just over 40 teams loaded into Opal Divine’s Marina to play this evening’s edition of “Who’s Da Smartest?”  Pretty sure the 36 team difference is the largest anybody else has dealt with… at least this week!

Oh, hello!  Perhaps I should introduce myself.  My name’s Ron, but most of the GWD world calls me The Freshmaker… partly because it’s part of my last name and partly because I am the legitimate heir to the vast Mentos fortune.  On the surface, I may have little in common with your usual quizmistress Evelyn Hurley, deep down we share many of the same traits.  We’re both full of blood n’ guts and a love to quiz you beautiful people.  That’s right, you’re beautiful.  In case no one’s told you that today, I have.  So enjoy the unsolicited ego boost.

To my right, we have Patrick.  You may have noticed he is not Chelsea.  But what he lacks in Chelsea’s vagina he makes up for in dance ability.  That’s right, he can Apache like no one else.  Don’t even challenge him, because he’s a master level instructor at the Carlton Banks Dance Academy.

All and all, things went smooth like Jif tonight and P and I were very happy to get to hang out with you.  Big ups to the Jarvises , Mr. Definitely and the other great teams who stuffed the score sheet on the night… here’s hoping we see you at the top of the Geek In Review next week!

We’ll see you again next week, then it’s back to your regularly scheduled Chevelyns!