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Nomad Bar
1213 Corona St
Austin, TX 78723
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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11:45 AM, February 22, 2013
Caucasian Minority, The 86

Rumpus Room 84

Chill Bro Swagens 84

Areola Borealis 82

These Pretzals Are Making Me Thirsty 82

Co-Twerkers 78

The Borough Boogey 76

Camouflage Condom She Never Saw Us Cumming 75

Irrelevant Pun 75

Last Place 72

I Miss Twinkies 71

Quizlamic Extremists 71

The Seaward 66

Clever Pun Related To A Topical News Item/ Pop Culture Event 65

Everyone In Hell Wants Slurpees 63

Winter Is Coming 61

Hugh's In Da House 56

Team ?Merica 55

Bad Ass 55

Saphica 26

Chicago Chicks 19



Quiz Schedule
8PM Tuesdays Westside Alehouse 8PM Thursdays at Nomad
Dav (Dav)

Come to my quiz for a multimedia experience that will leave you with a feeling that you have just seen a pretty decent PowerPoint presentation with limited animations! Plus, I promise to offend at least three people each night! My quiz is guaranteed to bring more enjoyment than Laffy Taffy jokes, so what have you got to lose?

Thank you all for coming out once again to join us for the pub quiz of pub quizzes, Geeks Who Drink at the Nomad! I absolutely LOVE hosting this venue. It is not the most posh of locations nor the most technologically advanced, but it is magical! There is just something about that large back patio and patrons casually stopping by with their dogs and so many other wonderful details that other bars just don’t have. Speaking of patrons, Nomad has you; the lifeblood and very core of what makes our little bar so damned special! Just thought I would get that out and into words.

Last night marked the end of a legacy. Tang has been working at Nomad since before I first set foot there. He has been an invaluable asset to the bar, a great friend to those in need and carries a spirit that lights up the darkest days. I will miss him dearly and wish him only the best of times to come in Hawaii. Aloha!

Now let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart – tasteful side boob! Normally I have one of our GWD team print out my quiz materials. Chelsea (of Chelsea and Evelyn) is out of town along with Evelyn infiltrating a rival quiz in Philadelphia. As a result, I had to print our stuff at FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos). They are all corporate-y over there and I feared that when they saw the visual round –albeit no nipples were visible – they would have cried foul. Nope. Not a peep. As a matter of fact I could swear I saw a look of shame from one of them. Anyway, SIDE BOOB!

Before the quiz even got started I thought I was going to have to throw out some cheaters. There was a table of guys using their phones to do image searches for the visual round. This is the very reason I have not handed out the visual round until close to quiz time for so long. Now, with many more teams playing, I have instituted the Visual Round Ransom rule where you cannot get a visual round until you give us your team name. That seems to be working but I am probably going to combine the two next week. We’ll see.

Here is a recap of the quiz:

Round 1 had you EATing your heart out. Round 2 had some nice  elements and Round 3 was alphabetically popular. Round 4 was on the naughty list and the Visual Round 5 had…SIDE BOOB! Round 6 was disguised, Round 7 fed you a line and Round 8 was random.

Taking 2nd place after yet another fun-filled tie-breaking round of Category Die was Rumpus Room! Nice job and way to not run out of stuff to say! Our champs from last night had a short team name (thank fucking God!) for once and an impressive score. Congratulations, Caucasian Minority, The!

That will do it for this week’s installation of GWD. Come back next week to see what wonderfully evil and potentially life-altering surprised we have in store…and bring a friend!

Until then…


P.S. James knows WAAAAAAYYYYY too much about Friday the 13th movies!