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Nomad Bar
1213 Corona St
Austin, TX 78723
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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11:17 AM, February 15, 2013
relivent romantic pun 81

Papal Abdication Sounds Like a Sex Crime 77

Q Oscar Pistorius who shot your girlfriend? A: Dunno I'm stumped. 77

I Did Nazi the Pope's Retirment Cumming on a Little Boy 76

The Pope's VD Retirment Party 73

Dry Hump No Faces 69

Horse Mignon 68

Big Man Scissors 66

Valintine's Day? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!! 65

Don't Tell Kelly 65

LAPD Bar BQ at Big Bear 63

Casey and the Pit Girls 56

Ebony and Ivory 54

It's My Birthday Bitch 54

Meillen 44

PTP 38

Pork Sandwich 2



Quiz Schedule
8PM Tuesdays Westside Alehouse 8PM Thursdays at Nomad
Dav (Dav)

Come to my quiz for a multimedia experience that will leave you with a feeling that you have just seen a pretty decent PowerPoint presentation with limited animations! Plus, I promise to offend at least three people each night! My quiz is guaranteed to bring more enjoyment than Laffy Taffy jokes, so what have you got to lose?

Let it never be said that a geek’s heart is a lonely one. I was knocked out to see so many people show up for our quiz. Typically speaking, Valentine’s Day is pretty slow for bars (restaurants make out like bandits though). Granted, our quiz numbers dipped a little. We had 17 teams instead of the 21+ we have been drawing lately. No worries. I hope the absent teams were getting laid or at least getting a discount!

I have been battling this weird head/chest cold/allergy/plague thing that has had most of Austin at its mercy for the better part of two weeks. I have been on a steady regiment of NyQuil, Benadryl, and ibuprofen just to get through the days. Am I going to let that keep me from delivering the quiz goodies? Hell no! Despite sounding like Optimus Prime choking on a dick, I was there doling out the charm, candy, and love in my playfully disdainful way that you have all come to expect.

We had a couple of birthdays in the house! Ryan, who sat in the back porch area, and another lady to whom the inside patrons (led by me) performed the barnyard animal version of Happy Birthday to You. The birthday girl picked her top four farm animals and we sang to her in four-part bestial harmony. She resisted at first but eventually gave in to the lunacy! It was – memorable.

As luck would have it, the night ended in a tie for 2nd place. We launched immediately into a game of Category Die where yours truly committed an audience-perceived blunder. One of our categories was Muppets. I added the challenge of non-Sesame Street Muppets and the game commenced. When a player yelled out “Kermit” I called them out only to receive an instant barrage of angry and disapproving voices. I know that Kermit is the leader of The Muppets but rather than break the flow of the game with a lesson on Muppet chronology, I recanted my call and the play continued. Now, here is some history for you doubting little quizzlings. Sesame Street first aired in 1969 with Kermit as one of the original cast. It was not until 1975 that The Muppet Show launched. So, with my non-Sesame Street character level of complication, I was indeed correct in my call and the rest of you can bite by hairy ass! Don’t FUCK with the Quizmaster!

Here is a recap of the quiz:

Round 1 just happened. Round 2 changed all of us and Round 3 took us to a higher plain. Round 4 left you with that “not so fresh” feeling and Round 5 was inquisitive. Round 6 scared the love out of you, Round 7 was cinema at its sappiest and Round 8 was random.

Taking 2nd place after scoring quite well and conquering Category Die was Q Oscar Pistorius, who shot your girlfriend? A: Dunno I'm stumped! Nothing like a tasteless riddle for a team name! Our champs from last night held fast to the top spot as long as it took and prevailed! Congratulations, Papal Abdication Sounds Like a Sex Crime!

Thank you one and all again for sharing the most contrived of holidays with your pals at Nomad and Geeks Who Drink. James and I will be back next week ready to deliver the quiz you need so stop tapping that vein, come back next week, and bring a friend!

Until then…