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Little J's Bar
5306 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX 77007
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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5:03 PM, April 05, 2013
Ebert's Thyroid Rage 86

In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You 82

Too Much Tuna 72

Tupac Shacorgis 69

De La Soul 63

Last Place In Answers, First Place In Drunk 60

I ♥ Ŧexas Ŧech 40

Double Down 26

Snow Flake Honky


Quiz Schedule
8:00pm on Wednesdays at Little Woodrow's Midtown, Houston, Texas and 8:00pm on Thursday's at Little J's on Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas
Brent (Snow Flake Honky)

I wish I could say I had crazy hobbies like naked skydiving (does naked camping count?), underwater shark impersonator, or snake charmer (I did play with a grass snake for an hour once), but I'm just not that interesting. Instead I'll settle with my actual lame hobbies like reading voraciously, taking tons on photos (including lots of "selfies", of course), and camping (I wasn't kidding about that). I love making thematic playlists and being a QM is a perfect outlet for that; I get to create new playlists every week. 

I'm sorta known for my nonsensical, made up words and random goofy sounds. I've been called weird more than once, I take it as a compliment. (But after attending two Geek Bowls, I'd say I'm on the low end of the GWD weirdness scale.)

I have a motorcycle (that I haven't ridden in a long time) and a cat named Zube (that I've never ridden) who likes to "assist" me when I'm preparing my quiz and creating my blog. I'm a proud native Texan, but I don't often sound like one (until I've had a few drinks).

Any time you get to quote Faye Dunaway's iconic line,"No more wire HANGERS!" in a blog it's a great thing. Even if it's a misquote.

Quiz at Little J's Bar started out quietly, but quickly got loud and rowdy after just a few rounds. Just like we like it! I decided to change the format of this week's blog in honor of MLB Opening Week. The first section will cover each "inning" and the second will be all the stats.

Round 1 was a bit of a doozy that had a lot of quizzers scratching their collective heads (hopefully no one was scratching their neighbor's head). It was called Less Than Ten: Love Songs and I described a love song in less than ten words and you guys just had to tell me what that song was. Easy as pie. As long as your pie recipe is both vauge and obscure at the same time.

Round 2 was, as always, a music round. This week it was called Eeezy Songs. All of the songs' titles used only one of the vowels in our alphabet: E! Those Es often appeared several times in any given title. Words like geek, Brent, green, Eeeew!, and demented would all have been acceptable answers. I mean, if the songs I'd played had those words in their titles.

Round 3 was a dread 50/50 round called H or N? I asked you a question and one choice started with an H, the other with an N. Some of them were tricky, but y'all easily rose to the challenge, as your scores showed. I still love y'all, Nickelback.

Round 4 was where things started to get messy. It was called Mommy Issues and it would have made Oedipus proud (I originally typed pound instead of proud. Freudian slip, much?) I'm sure we could all write a series of blogs about our own mommy issues, but then we'd all get depressed and write angst-ridden songs like Glenn Danzig (or as one of the teams answered, like Boy George).

Our visual round last night was a little different. It required you memorize a series of photos and drawings on the sheet. Then I collected the sheets and you had to answer a series of wacky questions about the sheet. Some people really knew their shit on this Drunken Memory round. Velma finally got to stand alone and L'il Wayne will probably be seen with a miniature Emmy Award up in his grill when he recovers.

Round 6 was called Knights & Nights. It was dark and full of terrors and we got to make fun of Val Kilmer. I also got to make fun of several teams who believed that Night Court was a reality show rather than a comedy series. Judge Judy, indeed!

Our seventh round featured audio clips of once big and often beloved actors (and actresses) who just can't seem to entice folks to the box office lately. It was rather sad knowing that some of these great thespians (no, not lesbians!) aren't bringing home the Hollywood bacon anymore. But I think Hollywood Bacon is made from tofu, shattered dreams, and old Lindsey Lohan mug shots anyway. It never quite gets crunchy enough.

After round 8's Random Knowledge was over we crowned Ebert's Thyroid Rage as the winners and our regular powerhouse team In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You had to settle for second.


Game Stats:

Round 1: Less Than Ten: Love Songs

  • High Score: 5 (In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You; Too Much Tuna; and Tupac Shacorgis)
  • Average Score: 3.666666666667
  • Best Wrong Answer: Sexyback

Round 2: Eeezy Songs

  • High Score: 16* (In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You and Ebert's Thyroid Rage)
  • Average Score: 13.2857 (20.857 with Jokers)
  • Best Wrong Answers: "Level" by Bobby Brown and "Heat Wave" by Monkeys [sic]

Round 3: H or N?

  • High Score: 8 (In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You; Ebert's Thyroid Rage; Too Much Tuna; and *Last Place In Answers, First Place In Drunk)
  • Average Score: 7.0 (8.0 with joker)
  • Best Wrong Answer: Hogwarts (there weren't many wrong answers on this round)

Round 4: Mommy Issues

  • High Score: 6 (In Soviet Venezuela, Cancer Cures You; Ebert's Thyroid Rage; Too Much Tuna; and De La Soul)
  • Average Score: 4.25
  • Best Wrong Answers: Frank Zappa, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Suck, and Your Mom
  • Best Right Answer: Dick in a Box

Round 5: Drunken Memory

  • High Score: 8 (Ebert's Thyroid Rage)
  • Average Score: 4.375
  • Best Wrong Answers: Golden Globe, extra wide, wide uncut

Round 6: Knights & Nights

  • High Score: 7 (Ebert's Thyroid Rage)
  • Average Score: 4.875
  • Best Wrong Answers: Lucas Arts (R.I.P.), Streak Knight, Judge Judy, Judge Wopner

Round 7: Hollywood's Least Valuable

  • High Score: 8 (Ebert's Thyroid Rage and Tupac Shacorgis)
  • Average Score: 6.0
  • Best Wrong Answers: Tobey Maguire, Woody Allen

Round 8: Random Knowledge

  • High Score: 13 (Ebert's Thyroid Rage, *Too Much Tuna)
  • Average Score: 10.42857 (14.724 with Jokers)
  • Best Wrong Answers: Babylon, LBJ, Stigmata, Candy Man, Cannibis, and F♥¢k You!

*Indicates a Joker was used on that round.


Other Stats:

  • Favorite Round: H or N?
  • Worst Round: Less Than Ten: Love Songs
  • Weirdest Question: The one about pencils
  • Most Missed Question: The one about sharing rent
  • Number of Perfect Scores: 9
  • Most Perfect Rounds For One Team: 4


Winners and Awards:

  • Starting Pitcher: Brent aka Texas Tygrr
  • Winning Team: Ebert's Thyroid Rage
  • Best Team Name: Ebert's Thyroid Rage
  • Cutest Team Name: I ♥ Τexas Τech
  • Best Drawings: Tupac Shacorgis
  • Latest Team: Double Down
  • Bonus Pints MVP: John Doe
  • Email Bonus Winner: Clayton


I hope y'all enjoyed this odd blog and last night's awesome quiz, except that one team. Join us again next Thursday at 8:00pm for another night of nerd and disorderly at Little J's Bar on picturesque Washington Avenue. Don't forget that next week is the 8th and last week to be in the running for the Rebecca Creek Distillery tour prize. And hopefully, Kathy (with a K) and her cool cohort will return next week; where'd y'all go?