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Little J's Bar
5306 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX 77007
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:45 PM, March 08, 2013
In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You? 70

Sara, Your Drink Is Ready 69

50 Shades Of Brown, 1 Cup 64

Tupac Shacorgis 60

Who Killed Hugo Chavez? 60

Suck It Trebeck 56

Hindenburg Ground Crew 44

Ooh-Long 36

De La Soul 25

Snow Flake Honky


Quiz Schedule
8:00pm on Wednesdays at Little Woodrow's Midtown, Houston, Texas and 8:00pm on Thursday's at Little J's on Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas
Brent (Snow Flake Honky)

I wish I could say I had crazy hobbies like naked skydiving (does naked camping count?), underwater shark impersonator, or snake charmer (I did play with a grass snake for an hour once), but I'm just not that interesting. Instead I'll settle with my actual lame hobbies like reading voraciously, taking tons on photos (including lots of "selfies", of course), and camping (I wasn't kidding about that). I love making thematic playlists and being a QM is a perfect outlet for that; I get to create new playlists every week. 

I'm sorta known for my nonsensical, made up words and random goofy sounds. I've been called weird more than once, I take it as a compliment. (But after attending two Geek Bowls, I'd say I'm on the low end of the GWD weirdness scale.)

I have a motorcycle (that I haven't ridden in a long time) and a cat named Zube (that I've never ridden) who likes to "assist" me when I'm preparing my quiz and creating my blog. I'm a proud native Texan, but I don't often sound like one (until I've had a few drinks).

Well, not all math is gay. But we did have some crazy gay math last night. Details in Round 6...

But, first things first. Round 1 was simply called Doug. We talked about the Dougie dance and that awesome old arcade game Dig Dug (I loved watching those fire-breathing dragons inflate until they popped). We also determined that the name Douglas is so far down this list of American boys names that it doesn't even make the top 500! And then we reminisced about the good old 1800s, when the Republicans were "the party of freedom and progress". What happened, guys? In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You?; Sara, Your Drink Is Ready; and Who Killed Hugo Chavez? all scored 7s in Round 1.

Round 2 was our first audio round and was called Psych. All of the song clips faked us out by sounding like they were done and then starting back up again (often startlingly). 50 Shades Of Brown, 1 Cup lead this round with an impressive 14 points.

Round 3 was a SPEED ROUND called Now You Know Why A Beer Costs $10. In this round I gave everyone two and half minutes to name 8 of the 10 Major League Baseball teams with the highest payrolls for the upcoming 2013 season. How fun is that? Most teams did great on this round, but no one hit it out of the park. Who Killed Hugo Chavez? and Suck It Trebeck both hit triples and bagged 7 points each. The losing team had to do laps around the block during the scoring break.

After the break we came back for Round 4. It was aptly named Stuck In The Middle With You. I named two things and you told me what was between them. For instance, Slovakia is between the Czech Republic and Hungary. However, we did have one question that NOBODY got right: Who was the president between Eisenhower and Kennedy? Once you look it up on Wikipedia you'll understand how mean that question really was. In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You? sat all alone on top with 6 points. The Tupac Shacorgis were in the middle, by the way.

The visual round was called Warts And All and pictures of actors portraying actual historical figures covered the page. Your job was to tell me who the actors were supposed to be. Impressive scores all around with lots of 6s and 7s, but In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You? nabbed one of the only perfect 8s of the night on Round 5.

And now it's time for that weird gay math round titled Mom, Dad, I Think I Like Mensa. We had questions about lecherous old men (and Senators), how many dudes it would take to make 18 pornos in 6 hours, and a whacked out math problem that calculated Clay Aiken's age based on Neil Patrick Harris's age. All of the questions were unbelievably convoluted, but it seems like more teams got the hard ones right than the easy ones (I bet y'all would have known Robin if I'd said Dick Grayson). And speaking of dicks, Who Killed Hugo Chavez? had the gayest skills and ended up with 6 points on this one. You guys did Super! (thanks for asking).

Round 7 was a wickedly hard audio round called Meta Movies (movies about making movies). Two teams did manage to nab six points each, but two teams also managed to grab zero points each, as well. Some of my favorite wrong answers were "Tales From The Crypt", "Porn", "The Cronicals [sic] of Narnia", and "2 Girls 1 Cup". It's a good thing that last one didn't actually occur; I might have thrown up. (My reaction videos on YouTube® are priceless.)

After our Randon Knowledge round was done (in which In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You? and late arriving Ooh-Long both scored 12 points) our quiz was done. In Soviet Venezuela Cancer Cures You? surpised themselves by winning it all by just one point over Sara, Your Drink Is Ready (who took second place for the second week in a row). 

As usual, it was an awesome night at Little J's Bar and thanks to Rebecca Creek Distillery for sponsoring our 8-week contest (and for their tasty Enchanted Rock vodka). Come back next Thursday 8:00pm for another awesome night of Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz.