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Little J's Bar
5306 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX 77007
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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1:21 PM, March 08, 2013
DOA 78

Sara, Your Drink Is Ready 75

Teo's Online Dating Service 73

Christopher Reeve, Not Walken 71

Tupac Shacorgis 68

Whole Lotta Baby Toe 67

Nibb High Football Rules!! 61

We Don't Know; We're Just Guessing 50

Snow Flake Honky


Quiz Schedule
8:00pm on Wednesdays at Little Woodrow's Midtown, Houston, Texas and 8:00pm on Thursday's at Little J's on Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas
Brent (Snow Flake Honky)

I wish I could say I had crazy hobbies like naked skydiving (does naked camping count?), underwater shark impersonator, or snake charmer (I did play with a grass snake for an hour once), but I'm just not that interesting. Instead I'll settle with my actual lame hobbies like reading voraciously, taking tons on photos (including lots of "selfies", of course), and camping (I wasn't kidding about that). I love making thematic playlists and being a QM is a perfect outlet for that; I get to create new playlists every week. 

I'm sorta known for my nonsensical, made up words and random goofy sounds. I've been called weird more than once, I take it as a compliment. (But after attending two Geek Bowls, I'd say I'm on the low end of the GWD weirdness scale.)

I have a motorcycle (that I haven't ridden in a long time) and a cat named Zube (that I've never ridden) who likes to "assist" me when I'm preparing my quiz and creating my blog. I'm a proud native Texan, but I don't often sound like one (until I've had a few drinks).

Murphy's Law seemed to get the better of me tonight, but we all survived another great night of PUB QUIZ at Little J's Bar on Washington Avenue.
Here's how everything went down...

Round 1 had all the guys in the crowd cupping their boys because it was called Stuff You Don't Want To Happen To Your Balls. I think some of the ladies in the crowd are gonna remember that we fellows don't want any of the following things to happen to our two little friends down there (or one friend if you are Lance Armstrong): The Twist (Hell no!), Kicks, Smash, Crush (you're cupping yours now, aren't you?), Wham-O, Break, Mashing (whimpers in a corner), or Ants in my Pants. I've had that last one happen to me before: not pretty. Nobody aced Round 1, but Teo's Online Dating Service; Sara, Your Drink Is Ready; Christopher Reeve, Not Walken (let that name sink in a second); and the Tupac Shacorgis all managed to grab 6 points apiece. Kathy (with a K) grabbed the first free bonus pint on this round.

Round 2 was called The Incredible Shrinking Round and I think it was a terribly clever concept for a music round. You see, each song had something in the title that was smaller than the something in the title of the song before it. I told you it was clever! Here's how we shrank: Universe, Jupiter, Moon, Airplanes, Lion (Man), Rock, Dust, Neutron. Groovy! And speaking of groovy, EVERYBODY was in the double digits on Round 2, 4 teams hit 14 points, Whole Lotta Baby Toe had a whopping 15, but DOA managed a perfect score in the music round (it's like their brains are a walking Shazam). Great job, everyone!

Round 3 was a Sooner or Later round where I called out the most obscure freakin' foods I could come up with and you told me what type of food I was talking about. I know; that was very evil. But it did make us rather hungry. Chipotle sounds really good about now. DOA grabbed another high score with 10 on this round and our second bonus pint of the night went to Jason.

Round 4 was called Chubbies, Checkers, & The Twist (there's that twist again). In this round we learned that Taco Bell has a menu item called Cinnamon Twists that no one has ever even ordered, that the Germans invented Chinese Checkers (huh?, why aren't they called German Checkers?), and that apparently Mensa is a secret society. Wait! The Masons are the  secret society (clearly a misnomer these days). For the record, Mensa is an organization whose membership consists entirely of people with genius level IQs. Oh, don't worry, I'm sure your acceptance letter just got lost in the mail, genius. Speaking of smart people, Teo's Online Dating Service banged out a perfect 8 on this one. Bam!

Our visual round 5 showed us a lineup of celebrities (I use that term lightly) dressed up in Papal drag and you had to tell me who they were. Did you notice the handy clues on their pope hats? Anyway, nobody knew R.A. Salvatore was number 5. You guys really need to get a Dungeons & Dragons nerd on your team (if you can tear him away from his beloved dice) because D&D questions pop up pretty regularly at Pub Quiz. (He probably needs to get out and meet some pretty ladies instead of fighting Orc bitches, anyway.) Six teams knew 6 of those potential pontiffs, but nobody hit a perfect 8.

Round 6 REALLY makes Chipotle sound good right now because it was called Viva Mexico! and included questions about Mexican food, Mexican dudes, and tequila! Ole! In this round I got to say words like "shat", "Jimadores", "Bimbo", and "Zapatistas" in my uncannily accurate Spanish accent. I also reminded everyone that I've heard that menudo is a great hangover cure, but I just couldn't "stomach" it. Ugh! Whole Lotta Baby Toe and DOA both scored 7 on this round and Marco nabbed this bonus pint so fast that everyone marvelled at his writing speed.

Round 7 was a wicked audio round called Short Short Round and all the movie clips I played were interrupted by Short Round from "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom". Although hilarious, this was also a damn hard round. The highest score on this one was a mediocre 5 points, but at least everyone was laughing.

Round 8 was, as always, our Random Knowledge round and Christopher Reeve, Not Walken schooled everyone with a 12 point high score and were also the Best Team Name of the night. DOA barely held their early lead over Sara, Your Drink Is Ready, who settled for second. Kathy (with a K) also won the e-mail bonus question and took home a potato shooter.

So, despite my laptop making the sound system buzz, the iPod losing all my music in the middle of quiz, and the scoresheet resetting itself (without my consent) we all had a second great night at Little J's Bar, the coolest bar on Washington Avenue. Damn! I still didn't get a Jager pudding shot...

We'll be back next Thursday at 8:00pm for more Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz! Oh, and SARA, Your Drink Is Ready!