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138 W Gray St
Houston, TX 77019
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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9:10 AM, March 08, 2013
Dr. Fila-Buster Archipelago 84

Rich Dicks 72

Barry McCawkinar 65

C. Diff 51

In My Pants 41

PacoPaul 26

Noobs 24



Quiz Schedule
Thursdays, 8pm, Hefley's
Will ()

At age 5, Will decided he wanted to be a scientist.

At age 29, Will became a scientist.

At age 30, Will realized he never wanted to be a scientist, he wanted to be in Starfleet.

At age 31, Will determined Starfleet was not an option.

Will is currently pursuing a career as a Time Lord.

Barry McCawkinar.

Seven teams last night! Second week we have increased our total by two. Even though they showed up a bit late, NOOBS took home the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Arithmetic Progress for coming in 7th place. It was a shot glass.  I will give out the AFOAITFOAP next week to whoever places 9th. 

Barry McCawkiner

Also winning Best Team Name was In My Pants. A good team name leaves something to the imagination. A great team name leaves everything.

Barry McCackiner.

General advice. When talking about C. Diff while sitting, don't point down. 

Barry McCockiner.

For a second week, Dr. Fila-Buster Archipelago won, and for a second week, picked a shitty stupid shitty team name. I hate you, my friends. 

Barry MCockiner.

For a first week, Rich Dicks showed up and took second. I don't know why, but I got the feeling this team wasn't fucking around.

Bury My Coc OH SHIT I just got it. 

Next week! Best team name will be a dirty video game description (e.g., "Drills Through Dirt Until My Enemies Explode").