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Brick Cellar Bar & Bistro
122 W Tomichi Ave
Gunnison, CO 81230
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11:45 AM, April 05, 2013
Oliver Klosoff 87

Zuccini Dildo Thunder and the Roundhouse Braus 72

April Tools 61

Blank Team Name 58

Los Peros Negros 55

Wine'em Dine'em 40

Cease fire 38

Jantz in Your Pants


Quiz Schedule
Every Thursday Night at Tomichi Tavern from 8 to 10ish.
Pete (Jantz in Your Pants)

Originally from Columbus, Ohio.  Moved to the sprawling metropolis of Gunnison, Colorado to attend Western State.  And yes, I did graduate with an Anthropology degree.  My hands are magic to a bicycle.  Although, not so much with the ladies!  Speaking of the ladies, I love to pitch a tent, when camping. 

No matter how few teams we have a the Brick, it's always a fun time.  Josh and Katie took advantage of a slow night and played the quiz last night.  They worked and still managed to beat a team!  Josh bought me a PBR and shot trying to bribe me to get in the top three.  It didn't work. But I was drunk enough that I decided to walk home instead of driving.  I overheard this tidbit last night " Me and my roommates don't drive much.  We ride our bikes alot.  Not for the enviroment or anything like that, it's just that most of the time we're wasted."  I love living in a town that riding a bike is not just away to get around but also helps cut down on DUIs.  What a great place to be a bike mechanic.  I see alot of bent parts on bikes that usually don't see the abuse of trying to ride drunk.  If I'm to drunk to ride a bike, it's going o be a two day hangover.  Enjoy the spring weather and I will see everyone next week!