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The Cube BBQ
1520 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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12:28 PM, February 22, 2013
the best part of murdering your ex is the makeup sex 79

schindler's list II the musical 78

if a mime has a stroke does it make a sound 77

the only thing missing from the cube is the glory hole 76

tri color capitalists 75

we miss coaches 72

2 for the road 72

the ron jeremy strokes 68

stop or my bladerunner will shoot 66

2 hoes & a bro 66

frogout 65

2 dancing maracas 63

this is driving me crazy 60

blue team 59

honeychest 57

acapellicans 38



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday nights at Broken Bottle Brewery!
Sarah (SK)

Sarah Kennedy is a quizmaster who's afraid to curse in front of her mom.

Voted best local comedian by both Albuquerque the Magazine and the Weekly Alibi, Sarah is excited to bring her stand up comedy chops to the world of Albuquerque quiz.

If a standard rule of Geeks is that the quiz is fixed, the best way to guarantee that she shines her good graces upon your team is to A.) Buy her drinks (on a night when she's not driving); B.) Talk about Reba McEntire/reference Reba McEntire in your team name; C.) Come out to any of her numerous stand up shows around town on quizless nights; and/or D.) Be a generally nice, cool, and regular human being.

Sarah loves being part of the Gs who D family and she is thrilled to bring a night of quiz to the Westside!

Oh, The Cube, you are the wind beneath my Thursday night wings.

How 'bout that quiz, huh? It was a good one for sure.

We started out the night with a round on EAT and for having our Geeks Who Drink in such a delicious place, it totally made sense. We all learned that semen didn't have a T in it too, so it was like the gift that keeps on giving.

Our round 2 was water and heart away from being a full Planeteers situation. Go planet! The power IS YOURS!

Then we showed Atlanta what for in round 3. Didn't we. Take that, Hotlanta.

Our 4th round was incredibly science-y. I was so impressed with the high scores there. Way to know your stuff, you nerds.

Hey, considering no one even SAW Lady in The Water, I don't fault you teams who missed that question on our visual round. You teams who got it, however . . .

Round six was like our own little masquerade ball. MASQUERADE! Paper faces on parade. /PhantomOfTheOpera

Seriously though, I'd love to see a serious, horror script of The Mask. How did they make Cuban Pete a gore fest?

Round 7 made me mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

Then we random knowledge'd and before we knew it, the quiz was over. It didn't pass "Go," and it didn't collect $200.

Coming out on top were teams "the best part of murdering your ex is the makeup sex" in first and coming up from behind team "Schindler's List II - The Musical" in second.

See you all next week!