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Devil's Advocate
955 E University Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:18 PM, March 28, 2013
Team Kickass 74

Wildcats Kick Ass Bear Down 74

International Shoe Fetish 71

Quiz in my Pants 70

My CEO is a furry 65

The Great Scorgasm 62

The Doctor Huffmans 58

Webbles 57

Das Beer 'n' un Cider 56

Dos Gringos Trivia =/= DA Trivia 56

Fuck the Heat and Thanks Obama 55

Cholla Fuckers 23

Awesome Jones 17



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday nights, 8:00 PM at Devil's Advocate in Tempe
Jan ()

I'm Jan, a semi-proud ASU graduate.  When I'm not being a Quizmaster, I'm working my dream job as a JavaScript Developer and consultant or cooking.  Yeaht, that's pretty much it.  I live a charmed, but simple life.

Greetings, from beautiful Swaziland!

Even though I mention it every night, I’m gonna go ahead and leave a link to the errorogenous zone, just in case anybody has complaints about the quiz, NOT THAT EVERYBODY COMPLAINED TO ME LAST NIGHT OR ANYTHING.  Nah, but seriously you should hit up the errorogenous zone immediately so you get the credit for the correction.

There were lots of dicks on answer sheets...I’m not sure why.  Anyway, here’s a video compilation of them:

Ok fine, there weren’t that many, but I wanted to make a video compilation of SOMETHING.  Mazel tov on the detailed dicks, though.

Some things we learned tonight:

  • There was no Civil War general named “Stick it in her pooper”“
  • Jan’s Mom” is not the answer to half of round 7
  • The Doctor Huffmans really love their mothers: “My mother is beautiful, goddammit, and none of these things"
  • Somnambulists do not poop on ambulances in their sleep

Another "well done" goes to Lindsay!  She did even better training than she did auditioning.  They grow up so fast...also, I'm going to be super bummed when I can't make jokes about being insecure anymore.

Anyway, we had a good old fashioned tiebreaker round tonight!  Wildcats Kick Ass Bear Down and Team Kickass tied the tiebreaker, so we went to sudden death.  Congrats to second place winners Team Kickass and first place winners Wildcats Kick Ass Bear Down!