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The Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St
Houston, TX 77006
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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11:14 PM, October 11, 2012
Team DDT: Farewell To The Flesh 80

Benevolent Dick-Tater 78

Occupy Sesame Street 76

Mongo Only Pawn in Game of Life 75

Whiskeypedia 70

Dora the Destroyer 66

Sex Museum 65

I Lie Big Bird, Fire Elmo 61

Polygamy is My Homeboy 56

Tummy Styx 56

The Porcelain Punishers 55

Rihanna ? I'd Hit That 50

OMG, We're 30 48

English Matt


Quiz Schedule
Maple Leaf, Thursday: 8:00 p.m.
Matt (English Matt)

I'm Houston's only English quizmaster and a beloved local celebrity. I came to the USA to steal quizmaster jobs from honest, hard-working Americans. Mission Accomplished.

Currently, you can find me running the Geeks Who Drink quiz on Thursday at the Maple eaf Pub You may also remember me from previous hosting stints at the Ashford Arms and Little Woodrow's Midtown. If you see me around Houston, please ask me for an autograph or try and get a picture taken with me.

This week, Benevolent Dick-Taters made it to a very close second place with 78 points, while quiz regulars Team DDT: Farewell To The Flesh rocketed to first place with 80 points, earned with a consistent performance over the entire eight rounds.

Even if you didn't win a prize this week, thank you for coming out to the Maple Leaf and playing Geeks Who Drink. Those of you who toughed it out in the quiz trenches put up with some really challenging topics, and you even missed the great Biden/Ryan slugfest for it - hats off to you!

Challenges faced this week:

1) Slapping your head because you are a doofus who forgot about the weinermobile.

2) Staying awake through a soporific set of pop songs reworked as lullabies.

3) Making the tough decision to go for either two-point-per-question glory, or the path of the cowardly one-point-sure-thing

4) Thinking about presidential activities backwards, which can cause reverse migraines.

5) Giving a damn about the generic white guys Rene Russo and Cate Blanchett married.

6) Thinking about sin, which makes you want to sin, which leads you to hell.

7) Hearing "I hate your ass face" at least 76 times in a five minute period, which I believe has caused cancer in lab rats.

8) Random Knowledge - just straight up terrifying.