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Brigett's Last Laugh
17222 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85032
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5:56 PM, March 01, 2013
Puppet Shrapnel 73

Skeet Dickeries 65

Grizzlies 62

Ramrod 62

D/C 61

Crash Test Dummies 55

#GDK 52

Thise Three White Guys 44

Last Place 40

ThatOne BlackGuy


Quiz Schedule
Brigett's Last Laugh Thursdays 7:30 pm Blitz Sports Bar & Grill Tuesdays 8:30 pm
Aaron (ThatOne BlackGuy)

Great night at Brigetts Last Laugh along with all my fellow Phoenicians ! The night was ripe for peeling off a good quiz, and boy did we! Round 1 was all about what not to do to your testicles, you know we had such answers as: crush, smash, mash, lick… Wait, scratch that last one. Regardless it was a great round and we had much fun with it. I was feeling a bit randy last night, so I decided to free-ball the rest of the quiz, all was good and breezy until I realized I had a hole in the crotch section of the pants I wore.. oops.

We had a couple of hecklers that were insistent on yelling out answers, mind you they were all wrong answers, but you cannot blame them for trying, you can only blame them for being douchebags. But I do welcome the hecklers to form a team, give your team a name, grab an answer packet and a visual plus a pencil, and participate. You will enjoy your night so much more, and the guy with the microphone won’t have to verbally abuse you.

I really wish I was able to post pictures from last night, but it seems that I left me camera atop the audio equipment, and when I called this morning it was nowhere in sight, still I drove 30 miles back to the bar to see for myself, and sure enough gone =( Needless to say losing a $300 camera has put me in a pretty shitty mood, and to be very honest I am going to cut this blog short and get to the chase, I apologize for the shortness of le blog, better next time for sure.


  • Crash Test Dummies
  • D/C
  • #GDK
  • Grizzlies
  • Last Place
  • Puppet Shrapnel
  • Ramrod
  • Skeet Dickeries
  • Those Three White Guys

All of you did an awesome job. Last Place was not present to receive my last place prize, which was a guide to knowing your rights when arrested, so the LP Prize went to Those Three White Guys

2nd Place went to Skeet Dickeries, who are loyal to the Pub Quiz, well deserved.

And taking the cake in 1st Place Puppet Shrapnel, which are both aspiring QM’s

Until next time…

 ThatOne Black Guy

 signing out.