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Wing Dome (Greenwood)
7818 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
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1:38 PM, April 05, 2013
Missile Defense 72

Shishkarobert 65

Go Blue 34

Laffin Larry

Quiz Schedule
Wednesdays, 8:00PM, Paddy Coynes, 2801 Alaskan Way, Seattle
Larry (Laffin Larry)

     Return to THUNDER (Wing) DOOOOMMMME!!! Yes, once again I was called out to help out a fellow quizmaster in need. Sean, my comrade in the war on Purim, (and mighty was the inebriation and the carnage of that battle, let me tell you, dear reader) had been serving bravely in FoxNews' War on Passover, (war on Earth Day in 2 weeks, folks) and since I was recovering nicely from my wounds, I was happy to serve (who are these sikoolar hoomanists who keep messing with our sacred holidays? They should all be sent to the childrens' table! I'm going to hide the afikomen where they'll never find it!) I was roused from my traditional place of hibernation underneath the Fremont Bridge and shambled towards Greenwoods' mighty Wingdome, (where the wings are hot and the waitresses are hotter!!!) Here the quizzing masses yearned for combat to prove their jedi mind tricks superior to those of weak minds. March madness had given them the scent  and they craved the bloody taste of victory. George R. R. Martin's flagship show, Game of Thrones had just returned to TV and Norewescon was the weekend before. I half expected bloody Knights in tarnished armor to come roaring out of the kitchen with flaming swords. The Geeks roared for more and I, acting as their Auntie Entity, settled down to another mighty mental throwdown.

      Best answer of the night; name the judge in Night Court: Answer, Judge Dredd. Now that would have been a funny show to watch. Also, Vanilla Ice was not an ex-singer for the Misfits (thank god for that!)

     Among the offenders were Missile Defense, Shishkarobert, and Go Blue. Missile defense held off Shishksarobert in a close battle all night while Go Blue hit the showers early after several concoctions from April, queen of the Wingdome. THeir was much rejoicing throughout the land and the people shouted huzzah!!! As I return to my guardpost underneath the Fremont Bridge, I bid you a cheese fondue.

             Until We meet Again, Laffin Larry