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Pateros Creek Brewing
242 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Thursdays: 7:00 PM
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12:09 PM, February 22, 2013
Worthy Gamers 73

Punanikubiyashi 69

The Bog Spavins 69

Four Shades Of Grey 67

Jofender 53

PCM (Purple Cock Monkeys) 49

P Diddy 45

Titanic Swim Team 40

The Curnots 39

Andizzle fo' Shizzle


Quiz Schedule

Beau Jo's - Monday
7:00pm, 205 N College Ave

Pour Brothers - Tuesday
8:00pm, 18220 Linden St

The Laboratory - Wednesday
7:30pm, 1801 S College Ave

Pateros Creek - Thursday
7:00pm, 242 N. College Ave

Andy (Andizzle fo' Shizzle)

Help me complete my 2015 art experiment:


Why yes, Andizzle fo' Shizzle is in fact my legit, legal name (as soon as I change it). Fo' rizzle, bizzle. I've hosted over 500 quizzes since 2008 and have written around 1,000 of our rounds. I'm also a vegetarian, a Jew, and a god damned pretty, pretty princess.

I kick ass and sometimes take names where appropriate; Quizmaster extraordinaire and all around nerd, I host the weekly quiz with both fury and pomp. If you ever find youself in need of a good beating in Halo, tetherball, or a good ole' fashioned PBR chugoff, feel free to let me know.

You can learn a little more about my messed up brain over at my Meet Your Quizmaster interview.

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I also write beer reviews and articles @

And if you so desire, I can also be found on The Facebooks or on The TwittersXbox Live, Steam, League of Legends, Battle.net, and your Mom's house.

I’m quite proud of many of you for scoring so well when it comes to Scientific Four-Play, as well as scientific foreplay. You know the drill. I’m also highly impressed that so many of you made it out to this week’s quiz despite the frozen hell-scape that is the outdoors. Snow, black ice, Sasquatch…. But you did it. And you’re awesome. Good job with that.

It was also Layla's last week with us. She is leaving good ole' FoCo for the greener (drunker) pastures of Austin, TX. Make sure you keep up the Geeks Who Drink awesomeness down there, and be sure to mention that I was your Quizmaster: it will probably score you a beer (or get thrown out). 


Things I learned this week:

- There is a direct correlation between level of drunkenness and level of yelling-ness.
- I’ve been told I’m a good salesman… maybe I should get into sales?
- Coffee is the only thing that keeps me alive. Even corporate coffee.
- There REALLY needs to be more of this in the world.


-------------- THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT --------------
Oh hey there, you made it! Now that you’re actually realizing we have a blog (holy crap, right?), you can do two things: click that little ‘like’ button up top, and add a comment down below. Do both, score a point. And this isn’t just points in my heart (or rather, the whole where my heart should be), but rather points good towards the quiz which means you could win lots of beer! DO IT.


Aaaaand I’m spent. Hopefully next week, the weather will be slightly more cooperative so you don’t have to fear for your life on the way to and from quiz. See you then!


Until next time, Pateros!!!
-Andizzle fo’ Shizzle