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Georgetown Liquor Company
5501 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA 98108
Thursdays: 8:30 PM
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12:28 AM, February 22, 2013
Illegal Aliens vs. Predator Drones 80

Cobra Kai 76

BonusTown 75

Shittles 75

Wookie Goldberg 71

Slug Fury 62

Ladonna Weirner 60

Beautiful Bunny 59

Daysiders 58

One Eyed Wonder Weasle 47

Sup Bro 32

Your Mom 28

Awesome Im Smart 26

Team Ramsey 22

Chuck Mung


Quiz Schedule
Georgetown Liquor Company Thursdays 8.30 to 10.30 BCE
Garth (Chuck Mung)

Fresh from the Air Guitar SuperKing throne, it's GARTH!


Likes:  IPA and GLC Sandwiches

Dislikes:  Empty pints

Well welly well...time to separate the wheat from the chaff!  We had a serious round this evening folks, a serious round!  I know, most folks think they are all super geeky...I know Video Games.  I know Science.  I KNOW BETTE MIDLERBut in all actuality...if you don't know every planets' moons, what do you really know?!?

And though I often take requests...sports quesitons will still take a backseat here.

We had the biggest set of teams that we've seen so far at Geogretown Liquor Company.  I think there was 32 million...I lost count though.  It was a busy night, that's for sure.  We did a very good job at sharing the visual rounds, which surprised me.  With so many swimming pool scenes, I figured folks would hold onto those a little longer.  Reminds me of Junior High School.  Sad, lonely Junior High...

We had a few early departers, with Team Ramsey, Your Mom, and Sup BroAwesome I'm Smart did a real bang-up job as usual, and had One Eyed Wonder Weasle on their tails the whole time.  Daysiders and Beautiful Bunnies were neck-and-neck, with Slug Fury getting scores all over the board all night.  Ladonna Weiner lost their early lead, a bit surprising from them.  Wookie Goldberg easily had the best name of the night, along with team ShittlesBonus Town almost had it in the end, but Cobra Kai forged ahead.  Surprisingly knocked out of the usual first place, they had to settle for lowly second place.  Illegal Aliens Vs. Predator Drones swung in out of nowhere and totally grabbed first place!  Congrats everyone, that was one tough quiz night!  Thanks for all the fun, and as always, I'll see you next week, here at Georgetown Liquor Company!  Love ya!