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Little Woodrow's (Midtown)
2306 Brazos
Houston, TX 77006
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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10:49 AM, March 14, 2013
Pinkly Tauruses 79

Chimney Seagull 73

Poping Ain't Easy (3rd) 72

White Papal Discharge 72

Does the Pope Shit In the Woods? (formerly a New Pope from Argentina?) 71

Vatican't Touch This 71

Baytown Ballers 69

Could I Not Be More Poped Out Had He Molested Me Himself 67

Me 67

Red Hot Catholic Love 66

Pope Her, I Hardly Know Her 61

Pope Smear 61

Smokin' the Papal 61

New Pope Has One Lung Now the Altar Boys Will Be Able to Outrun Him (BTN) 57

Pope on a Rope 1 57

Up with Pope, Down with Dope 57

Big Titties Don't Lie 56

LSD 54

Gandolf for Pope 53

Took a Massive Pope Before Coming! 51

Molesty the 69th 46

I Like It When You Call Me Il Papa (T-Ball) 42

Let's Hope This One's Benedict Doesn't Pope Out 37

Affirmative Action in the Vatican 32

Accidental Surgeons 28

Habemus Beer 22

Pope On a Rope 2 22

White Smoke 3/13/13 17

Too Many Pope Jokes 13

There's Nothing More Catholic Than Pulling Out Early 4



Quiz Schedule
Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Baker Street Pub in Rice Village
Mark ()

After playing at Geeks Who Drink games for about two years, I decided it was time to get on the other side of things and give quizmastering a try.  The great thing to me about Geeks Who Drink is that I can go to a huge number of cities, find a local game on the website, and know exactly what the rules are going to be for the game when I first step into a new bar in a different city.  That's what I've done all across Texas and I've always had a great time playing.

There was a time before quizmastering when I worked on the radio, so if you come to my quiz, don't be surprised to hear a "Radio Ron" style voice belting out the questions.

Hey now, quizzers!  Mark here, reporting on last night's quiz one last time for you.

It's spring break 2013 and odds were that the quiz was either going to be deserted or packed to the gills.  And boy, it was way more the latter than the former.  We had 30 teams that ended up playing last night, making this one helluva big game.

Our best team name theme for the week was in recognition of the new Pope.  Naturually, we had a lot of dirty, dirty team names.  Honorable mentions go to Vatican't Touch This, I Like It When You Call Me Il Papa, Does the Pope Shit in the Woods?, Pope Smear, Smokin' the Papal, Gandolf for Pope, Took a Massive Pope Before Coming, and Let's Hope this One's Benedict Doesn't Pope Out.  We had a lot of options to pick from tonight, but there can be only one and the Best Team Name Award went to New Pope Has One Lung, Now the Altar Boys Will Be Able to Outrun Him.

None of the usual gimmicks were to be had in last night's Round 2.  This one was just straight up name the artist and the song.  Surprisingly, the scores were fairly mediocore considering the lack of trickery in the song clips.  The top score in the round went to the Pinkly Tauruses, who got 13 out of 16 potential points, but apparently weren't too confident in their answers and decided to save their joker for later.  A few teams were nipping on their heels with 12 points a piece, including Poping Ain't East, White Papal Discharge, I Could Not Be More Poped Out. . . , and Red Hot Catholic Love.

Do you know your British slang?  If you played at the quiz last night, then the answer is decidedly no you don't.  I say this because Round 3 required teams to correctly pick from one of two potential definitions for a commonly used piece of British slang, but the scores for this round were less than stellar.  Again, top honors in this round went to the Pinkly Tauruses, who were the only team to correctly translate all eight pieces of slang from the Queen's English into stupy stupy dum dum American English.  Their secret to success in this round?  Have a British guy on your team.  Boom.

Our visual round for the evening got sportsy.  All you had to do was identify the MLB player with their country of origin.  With the World Baseball Classic gearing up, this should've been easy for every team with a baseball fan on it.  It was either feast or famine, with teams either acing it or doing horribly.  

Our second audio round popped up in Round 7.  So, you might not be aware, but there are these things called "Honest Trailers" produced by an outfit called Screen Junkies that can be found on Youtube.  They're fake trailers that mock popular movies, like this one for The Avengers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDajL441mZc).  They are pretty damn funny, I must say.  Most teams had an easy time with this round, as the audio clues were pretty long and gave you quite a few hints about what movie they were skewering.  No team scored lower than a 5.

As always, Round 8 was our random knowledge round.  Top honors for random knowledge went to Pope Her? I Hardly Know Her! who scored a strong 15 our of 16, but had already used their joker earlier in the game.

After finding themselves in the middle of the pack after the first scoring break, the Pinkly Tauruses went on to take top honors and walk away with the win.  Chimney Seagull stayed in or near the top places all night, and managed to climb up to second before all was said and done.  Eight rounds wasn't enough for Poping Ain't Easy and White Papal Discharge, who needed a tiebreaker to determine who got third.  The tiebreaker went to Poping Ain't Easy, thanks to their knowledge of river geography.

Final Standings

1st - Pinkly Tauruses

2nd - Chimney Seagull

3rd - Poping Ain't Easy

Best Team Name - New Pope Has One Lung, Now the Altar Boys Will Be Able to Outrun Him

T-Ball Award - I Like It When You Call Me Il Papa

That does it for this week's quiz recap!

As you might have heard me mention at the quiz, I will be handing over the regular quizmastering duties at Little Woodrow's Midtown to my intrepid scorere, Emily, making last night my last quiz.  It's been a lot of fun hanging out with you all every Wednesday for the past nine months and I'm thankful that I've gotten to meet so many people through the quiz that I've become friends with.  I hope you all have enjoyed playing as much as I've enjoyed hosting.  I'll be around occasionally as either a player or a substitute host, so you haven't seen the last of me!

Next week, Emily will be hosting for the first time, so make sure to join her for the new era of Geeks Who Drink at Little Woodrow's Midtown.  Stay hard!