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Little Woodrow's (Midtown)
2306 Brazos
Houston, TX 77006
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:19 PM, May 24, 2012
The Pinkly Tauruses 71

Condoms and Rattlesnakes 65

Franklin and Bash 63

Do Something Charles 61

I Don't Ejaculate I Inseminate 57

The Tittles 57

This Mic Smells Like My Grandma's Panties 48

TJ & ML 47

Just Quizzed in my Jorts 45

The Wee Baby Seamus 42

Fluffy Panda 41

Those Guys 37

That Baby Don't Look Like Me 33

Tripple Threat 32

Chuy 28

Come Late But Make It Happen 22

Go Celtics 14

Jack Around


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday nights, 8:00 pm at Big Woodrow's (Houston)
Jack (Jack Around)

With a trove of knowledge useless anywhere but pub quiz, Geeks Who Drink gave my life purpose. And a bar tab.

Find me at Big Woodrow's on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm. You'll laugh, you'll cry, your transgressions will be forgiven.

A Møøse once bit my sister...

It's always difficult to get a quiz started when you can't find the microphone. I searched high and low, but with a little persistence it was finally discovered, and I happily went about my hosting duties. Until, that is, I started scoring and, horribile dictu, I realized that This Mic Smells Like My Grandma's Panties perhaps had an explanation as to why it had gone missing. *shudder*

In any event, Round 1 spiced up the night with questions hinging on various seasonings, though even a little of Simon & Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair" provided no succor to those of you (spice-) racking your brains. Our first audio round was so money, and you don't even know it. Each song featured lyrics or titles in pursuit of the almighty dollar, and the Pinkly Tauruses surged to an early lead with 14 points and a joker. Round 3 was one of our nefarious "Say When" formats, giving overzealous teams the opportunity to stop me from reading increasingly obvious clues on movie ratings. Fluffy Panda thought they had this one locked up, stopping me on the first clue several times, but the gambit backfired and they lost 3 of their 4 points. Grandma's Panties were the big winners with 6.

Condoms & Rattlesnakes (Two Things I Don't Fuck With) demonstrated their expertise on Craps, Crabs, Cribs, and Crips by acing Round 4, while I'd Rather Be Watching Franklin & Bash had a perfect score on our visual Round 5 focusing on movies that have been made into cartoons - for better or worse. Round 6 gave us a clash of the quiz questions on Titans, and while Titania is indeed the largest moon circling Uranus, she will forever be the Duff girl from the Simpsons. You know what I'm talking about.

Our second audio round of the night involved clips of people ordering food in various movies, and while the rest of you were replacing your liter-a-cola with liter-a-beers, Condoms & Rattlesnakes were owning the round with 7 points. Heading into Round 8, the Pinkly Tauruses held a commanding lead that they had maintained since that early joker, with a 3-way tie for second place between Condoms & Rattlesnakes, I Don't Ejaculate I Inseminate, and The Tittles. A couple of late jokers on random knowledge left Condoms secure with the silver, bumped the Ejaculators out of contention and gave Franklin & Bash the bronze, while the Pinkly Tauruses beat off the competition to take home the gold.

I'll bring a brand new set of questions and hopefully a clean microphone next week, you bring your insatiable thirst for knowledge and beer.

Be sure to sign up for our weekly e-mail list so you can win cool prizes like the switchblade sporks that Ken from the Pinkly Tauruses took home last night.

We also have a shiny new Facebook page for our quiz at Little Woodrow's Midtown, where I'll post pictures, links, and general tomfoolery. "Like" the page and you'll be in the loop!