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Sporting News Grill
4606 Westway Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77041
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11:48 AM, April 05, 2013
Check Out Velma's Camel Toe 70

You Got Explored 64

Homeskillet 62

Team Spaghetti 60

Penn Tex 56

That Guy 40

Just John 40



Quiz Schedule
Sporting News Grill Thursday nights at 8pm
Laura (L)

I started quizzing way back in 2009 in a little 'ol town called Austin, TX. After making the move to Houston, I became a regular quizzer at Little Woodrow's Rice Village on Tuesday nights. It's more fun to win when you're beating grad students and doctors. A year went by, and I grew into quite the quiz addict. It was time to up the ante. I needed to be closer to the quiz action. At the auditions, I fought other contestants to the death to achieve an unexpected, well-fought victory. I now host Monday and Tuesday evenings while drinking delicious beer to forget the things I did to get here.

Before my quiz life, I attended school in San Antonio, where I became an English major and a rabid Spurs fan. During the day I work as a private tutor and professional taco slinger. When not engaged in any of these wonderful occupations, you'll find me buried in a book somewhere or out and about with my Australian Shepherd, Jam. I can even be spotted playing quiz on a Wednesday or Thursday. I can't quit you, quiz.

Join me for all my hosting smart-assery at Neil's Bahr Monday nights in East Downtown or in Rice Village at Little Woodrow's on Tuesdays. 

Good Afternoon, Geeks!

Last night at Sporting News Grill, we started off with a doozy of a round 1. Given the year a song came out and a summary in ten words or less, teams were asked to identify the song title. I think we all now have a greater appreciation for rambling lyricists everywhere. Despite the difficulty factor, Check Out Velma's Camel Toe and Penn Tex took an early lead. In fact, what I thought might be a daunting start didn't phase these teams at all! You geniuses, you. Round 2 gave us song titles with only the vowel "E." Either everyone loves Katy Perry or the radio is working. Half of the teams chose to joker, and everyone did quite well with these clips. Round 3 eased up a bit giving teams a 50/50 shot at questions where they had to select the H or the N. Nickleback sucks, but you guys sure don't- lot's of perfect scores were awarded. Though, on a serious note, please heed my advice to watch Veronica Mars. If nothing else, it will make you better at Pub Quiz!

Round 4 asked questions about Moms. I like a round like this because several teams were the only ones to correctly answer a question. Check Out Velma's Camel Toe knew about Motherboard, Penn Tex listens to Danzig, and everybody's seen Dick in a Box. Thanks Team Spaghetti for appreciating my thematic Timberlake tunes. Round 5 tested your drunken memory in an unconventional visual challenge. Each team did very well, but I did have to explain that the thumb is a finger. We learn something everyday, Homeskillet. Round 6 contained questions about Knights and Nights. There was some serious room for nerding out in these questions, and you guys did not disappoint. From Star Wars RPGs to Game of Thrones quotes to X-Men characters, these teams know the bread and butter of GWD is geeking out. Also everyone nailed the question on Night at the Roxbury. You gotta come up for pop culture air sometimes.

Heading into the final two rounds, only one point seperated 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. Round 7 involved movie clips from the lowest paid actors/actresses. These were a bit tough, but almost everyone identified the prolific Nicolas Cage yelling about BEES!!! and Sandra Bullock donning her best Southern accent. The last round was, as always, random knowledge. I'm relieved that everyone has been subjected to enough television to correctly identify the mascots from Progressive and Allstate, Flo and Mayhem. Maybe TV isn't rotting our brains! But then I felt super old when nobody whipped out all three names of the Fugees. You guys are killing me- and not softly. You Got Explored earned the high score of 13 points in this round, and waited until just the right moment to use their joker. They took home 2nd place, while Check out Velma's Camel Toe held on to their quiz-long lead to take 1st!

Excellent job everyone! Ryan took home a water powered rocket for correctly answering the email bonus question this week.  I learned that was appropriate since he works at NASA.  Shoutouts to Just John and That Guy for playing valiantly on their own and tying when all was said and done.  If you guys make friends and team up, everyone better watch their backs. Thanks for making it out y'all- See you next Thursday!