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Big Woodrow's
3111 Chimney Rock Rd
Houston, TX 77056
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9:30 AM, April 10, 2013
2 Lawyers, a Truck Driver, & a Cunt 87

Eagles 76

Shallow Gravy 70

Prestige Worldwide 69

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry's 64

Punks in Drublic 63

Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers 59

Johnston 28

3 Chainz 19

Cleo's Bitches 15

Jack Around


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday nights, 8:00 pm at Big Woodrow's (Houston)
Jack (Jack Around)

With a trove of knowledge useless anywhere but pub quiz, Geeks Who Drink gave my life purpose. And a bar tab.

Find me at Big Woodrow's on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm. You'll laugh, you'll cry, your transgressions will be forgiven.

A Møøse once bit my sister...

And lo, the Banshee, the woman of the fairy mound, did start her keening. She began to wail her defenestrating cry, portending the death of a mighty quiz. But the Banshee did appear during Round 4 when the fearless quizmaster asked the country of destination for the celebration of the anniversary of Jay-Z and Beyonce's nuptials, and the Banshee cried out at sufficient pitch to kill migratory birds passing overhead, "Africa!" - and the Banshee's estimation did fall in the eyes of quizzlings once struck with fear. The squelch of the quizmaster's audio receiver was brought to bear, and the anger of intrepid quizzlings, dedicated to the realm of our august quiz, verily, was stirred. The shrill cacophony of the terrifying Banshee was subdued, just as if a Mandrake was plunged back beneath the earth. But only temporarily. The battle between our valiant quiz teams was matches only by the measure of their resolve against the Banshee as she resumed her pernicious clamor.

Our first round on anagrams was felled by the knights of Prestige Worldwide, while the auditory duel between a yoga teacher and a wrestler in the second was dominated by the gallant effort of 2 Lawyers, a Truck Driver & a Cunt. The confidence of our contenders was weighed in a gamble on cities and states in the third round, but the competition was found wanting by the winners of round 2 as they aced the round. Knowledge of international current events (Africa!) was tested in round four, with the Eat, Drink & Be Merry's throwing their hat in the ring with a perfect score, but it was the Eagles who did the same in our visual round 5. Round six examined our quizzlings' understanding of the language of the Britons which was found to be merely passable, but the Punks in Drublic proved they were most familiar with the reviews of one Sir Roger Ebert on a wide range of moving pictures. The banner winners seemed to be set, until a last minute joker launched the Eagles into 2nd place, pushing Shallow Gravy into 3rd, leaving 2 Lawyers, a Truck Driver & a Cunt with eternal glory as our 1st place winners.

The gods smiled upon the conclusion to our epic games, however the Banshee still lurked in the background, setting her gaze upon the competitors. Several teams were playing along but dared not turn in their answer sheets. The quizmaster's favor falls upon the shoulders of all the quizzlings who participated and the fair wenches who kept us all supplied with mead. May you gird your loins and strap on your armor as we return next week under the watchful gaze of the withering Banshee.