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White Horse Tavern
116 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
Sundays: 8:00 PM
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8:52 PM, March 31, 2013
All Glory to Hypnotoad 68

April Fools, Bitches! 65

The Chosen People Plus 1 63

(STAFF) 59

Ana 59

Snake Eyes 58

4 Letter Body Part 46

The Duke of Allston


Quiz Schedule
The White Horse Tavern Sun, Wed 8 PM Harry's Bar and Grill Mon 8 PM O Sushi (Harvard Square) Thu 9 PM
Will LaTulippe (The Duke of Allston)

I grew up in Burlington, VT, and moved here on a whim in 2003.  Became the quiz presenter at White Horse Tavern in 2005, where I worked for 7 years for another quiz company. Then Geeks Who Drink came a-callin'.  I first rejected their overtures, but joined the family when they offered to pay me in hair gel.

When I'm not hosting your quiz or hitting on you, I enjoy horse racing, kayaking,and baseball.  I once won $33,000 on a $48 horse ticket.  I also participated in the 2012 and 2014 Horse Player World Series, and in the 2014 National Handicapping Championship, both elite handicapping tournaments held annually in Las Vegas.

I was on "Judge Mathis" in 2004, and also appeared locally on the Red Sox trivia game show "The Batters' Box" in 2009.  Yet, I still get recognized for appearing for ten seconds on a casting special for "Beauty and the Geek" in 2005.  Seriously, it's aired on television maybe twice, and people recognize it.  It's stupendous.

It's Easter, so I had the chance to do an "acoustic" show tonight.  Nope, I still used electricity and fed the bar's audio chain, it was merely a more intimate setting with a smaller crowd on account of the holiday.  But that doesn't mean the game was free of surprises.

My writing contribution to the show was tonight's music Round 2, as I gave my music round producers the night off for the holiday.  With the Houston Astros playing their first American League game on TV, I got everybody psyched up for Opening Day with the baseball edition of Awful Parodies.  I included not one, but two songs that made fun of Alex Rodriguez, because I like to pile on.  Also included was a lampooing of Heath Bell, and songs referencing bunting and fantasy baseball.  No shortage of weirdos on that Internet.

We debuted a fun gambit in tonight's Round 4 known as Compound Fractures.  I gave a definition of a compound word, and a second definition of the word if the two syllables were reversed.  For example, a tailgating pastime that involves the tossing of beanbags, or maize in a crevasse.*  People picked up on the idea quite well, as nobody scored fewer than five points.

A brutal Round 8 (which nobody jokered, thankfully), brought the final scores to a grinding halt.  But you only have to beat everybody else to win the prizes. After having played quiz at the World Famous for at least a year, All Glory to Hypnotoad finally broke their maiden, taking this edition by three over the all-girl trio of April Fool's, Bitches!  Go eat your leftover chocolate, and we'll talk Wednesday at 8!  Go Sox!