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The Chesterfield
1400 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64106
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6:06 PM, March 01, 2013
That's enough, Seth McFarlane 92

You will know us by our trail of dudes 73

Hermans Hermits 70

just got here 69

Vandelay Industries 67

Venture 65

Jack and the Giant slayer fan 51

Hot Toddy 37

t.c.c. 5

Affordable Luxury


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8:00- 10:00 The Green Room 4010 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite D Kansas City, Missouri 64111 1 (816) 216-7682 http://www.greenroomkc.com Wednesdays 8-10 pm Burg & Barrel 76th & Metcalf OPKS
Bryan (Affordable Luxury)

 QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo 

  Class: 12th lvl Horticulturist/ 15th level Quizmaster

Prestige Class:Rowdy Paladin

Areas of Influence :  Beer, Punk Rock, and Flowers.

QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo  is a veteran Quiz-master. Other geeky activities include, Dungons and Dragons, Intsagraming, Geo-caching, and Gardening. 

If you are attending a quiz in the Midwest, chances are QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo  has something to do with that. So be kind to him and don't shout out the answers.




And we're back. Blizzard Q (which canceled us last week, and thus the catalyst for the “and we’re back” intro) is over and done. The follow up storm, Snermahgerd, also over and done. That means we were back to quizzing.

We Started off with a little ball busting in round 1 and then listened to the increasingly small round 2. The ol soon-or-later round 3 on foods stumped more than a few team and started a big point gap. That gap continued for round 4's “Via Mexico!” and by Round 5's Rope-a-dope with the Pope That's enough Seth Mcfarlane had gathered a small lead but ever increasing. Other teams like You will know us by our trail of dudes, Herman's Hermits, just got here, Vandelay Industries and even Venture were all just fighting for second at this point. Jack the giant Slayer fan was right there in contention for that second place spot but round 5 hit 'em hard and the Short Round round 7 put the nail in the coffin for the Slayer fan.

Hot Toddy lost too much ground early on. They never had a chance.

It went into round 8 for the Dudes and the Hermits. The Dudes ended up with a 3 point 2nd place victory.

That's enough Seth Mcfarlane kept up the pressure and their now commanding lead to win the day....and the quiz.

I established that I don't care for the word penis and much prefer the words cock, shlong, wang, and rod when referring to my junk. Many jokes were made.


See you next week.

This has been pub quiz.