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The Chesterfield
1400 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64106
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2:26 PM, February 15, 2013
Testing our VIP-ness 79

The know nothings 76

Agood day for a hard on 60

Sgt. Pepper's 60

Next of Fruitcup 59

Just got here 58

Lover's Quarrel 31

King Missle 23

Angst-Ridden 23

2 Cassy & a really cool guy 21

Affordable Luxury


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8:00- 10:00 The Green Room 4010 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite D Kansas City, Missouri 64111 1 (816) 216-7682 http://www.greenroomkc.com Wednesdays 8-10 pm Burg & Barrel 76th & Metcalf OPKS
Bryan (Affordable Luxury)

 QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo 

  Class: 12th lvl Horticulturist/ 15th level Quizmaster

Prestige Class:Rowdy Paladin

Areas of Influence :  Beer, Punk Rock, and Flowers.

QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo  is a veteran Quiz-master. Other geeky activities include, Dungons and Dragons, Intsagraming, Geo-caching, and Gardening. 

If you are attending a quiz in the Midwest, chances are QMOTY 2 The Electric Boogaloo  has something to do with that. So be kind to him and don't shout out the answers.


Valentines day pub quizzes are special. It's a time to share your love of quizzing with the love of your life. It's also the perfect time for me to share my infamous “Punk rock break-up songs” playlist. Everyone was so busy gazing into each others' eyes, that I'm not sure anyone noticed. Fair enough. BUT. Since you guys don't seem to apprecate all the work I put into it, next week it's going to be nothing but covers of Fre`re Jacques.

Dormez-vous that.


We started up with a “recently in stuff” round. Covering notable happenings of the last couple of weeks. You know like quitting Popes, State of the Union addresses, and Bruce Willis movies. Testing our VIP-ness had the only perfect score for the round.


Being the angst-ridden haters of joy that we are, our Round 2 audio round was all songs about manipulation in relationships. Happy V-day indeed. The Know Nothings dominated the round with a jokered perfect 16. Top notch.


Round 3 was the first of three rounds that just went to crap for the teams. It was a 50/50 round and for that 50% of the teams answered the wrong 50, 50% of the time. Just got here lead this round with 6 correct.


The low-score-shit-storm continued into round 4's Lady Parts. Did you know that people eat yogurt? Neither did anyone else. The Know Nothings lead the round with 6 points.


Round 5 was an eye opening glimpse into your awareness of torture devices. Most everyone recived a perfect score...Sickos


Round 6 picked back up because we all fear love(don't we?) and LOVE Toto (don't we?).

Sgt Peppers knew 7 out of 8 and that's pretty good.


Round 7 was pretty lousy score-wise but Next of Fruitcup got 6 and that was the highest. 6.


Round 8 as always...Random Knowledge. Testing our VIP-ness randomly knew the most.


They were our winners.

The Know Nothings took 2nd.

This has been pub quiz.