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Lucky Strike
1201 San Jacinto Street
Houston, TX 77002
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12:08 AM, April 15, 2013
Lizzy B 60

Tacocats to the Max 44

Chocolate 44

I-O Skanks 24

Eurasian Beaver 16

Gunski 7

Specific Heat


Quiz Schedule
QuizMaster Mondays, 8 pm, Pizza Bistro on Lake Austin Blvd Scorekeeper Saturdays, 10 pm, Opal Divine's Penn Field.
Julia (Specific Heat)

QM'd in Houston for a bit, relocated to Austin, and am now READY TO PARTY in ATX. And by party, I mean quiz. Because I'm way too lame to actually party.

But seriously I'm an awesome Quizmaster.

Well folks, this was the third week in a row that we started late. This time, at least, we had some prior warning! A party had apparently rented out the bar until 8:30. Since I have a day job and shit I decided to go ahead and skip R3, because it was a Sooner or Later round and those take fucking forever to do and grade. So we actually finished on time for the first time in three weeks, despite starting late! Because I'm a fucking genius who reads the QuizMaster Bible.

The party that was hanging out here seemed to consist entirely of shitheads who wouldn't shut up during the rounds. Even though we started late because of them, they didn't leave when they were supposed to and kept shouting out answers and talking over the audio and generally being rude little bitches about everything, so that discouraged a lot of our teams and they ended up leaving quiz in favor of going bowling. None of the regulars showed tonight either, and I suspect it was because they took a look at those princesses and decided quiz wasn't worth it. There were a few members of the party who actually stayed to play quiz, though, and even shushed their frenemies, so those ones were cool I guess.

Eurasian Beaver was a solo player from the party who got the visual round, submitted it immediately WITH all of them correct AND a joker, and then quit the game. Which is a shame, because I bet she could've done so much more with her time than whatever it was she decided to do instead with her party friends. The I-O Skanks played through the visual round and then also quit to go bowling because I guess they needed to be true to their skank name and go cheat on quiz with a game you have to play in rented shoes. Or we can pretend I said something less sexist. They were pretty neck-in-neck up to that point with Chocolate, some of the other partiers, who stayed to the end and managed to tie for second with Tacocats to the Max! But the Tacocats were really a one-man team consisting of our bartender...who can't win...so team Chocolate went home with the goods. Somewhere in there Gunski came in to play; he heard the words "bonus question for a free drink" and came running. Then he won the free drink. Then he played one round. Then he quit to go bowling too. These partiers are fickle people, dudes. Lizzy B was the only team that wasn't either 1) part of the party or 2) an employee of the bar, and they showed their prowess like the bosses they apparently are, getting a perfect score in the music round AND jokering it and going home with 60 points, from two people, in a game that went short a round. Props to Lizzy B, whose name only made me think of this video the whole time.

Funny and interesting wrong answers tonight, broken down by round, below.

R1: Lizzy B thought the movie is called "Dango and Chain," but I gave it to them anyway because that was so close but so hilariously damn far.

R2: Chocolate confused Ace of Bass with No Doubt, which is only funny because of how understandable that is. Also, bartender friend apparently doesn't listen to Stevie Wonder or Cake and just invited someone to "FUUUUCK MEEE" instead. I'm not sure if that message was intended for me specifically or the question writers, and if it WAS intended for me I'll have to politely decline, but you know, it was flattering or whatever.

R6: The movie based on a Robert Heinlein book that Neil Patrick Harris was in between Doogie Howser and Harold & Kumar was Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, according to Gunski--and while I appreciate any Joss Whedon fan, that was so very very wrong.
Also, our bartender friend just put "PRAISE SCIENCE" for one of the Niels Bohr questions, which I obviously love since I was wearing my Rooster Teeth "I win science" shirt tonight.

R7: Our bartender friend just answered "poop" for every video clip he didn't know, and since I'm twelve, I thought it was hilarious.

And, since we had a movies-described-in-haiku round tonight, I'm feeling all poetical again. Here is a haiku on my feelings on lounge parties being noisy during my quiz.

That'll teach 'em
Shut up rude bitches
I'll show you to shout answers
Show you with my fist.

Hopefully we'll actually start on time next week. Until then, quizzers, have a great week!