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Pub on Pearl
1101 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80210
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:29 PM, April 10, 2013
Annette Funny Jello Shots 83

The Fireworks Security Circumvention Squad 66

Bring Da Ruckus 60

Army Had a Half-Day 56

Blizzard Bar Crawl 47

Sluts + Sails 47

Vertigo Chuck


Quiz Schedule
Pub on Pearl
Tuesdays 8:00 PM

Darcy's Bistro and Pub
Saturdays 8:30 PM
Charles (Vertigo Chuck)

I'm Charles, Charlie, Chuck, whatever non-derogatory nickname you can think of for Charles. Even though I started QuizMastering at the HandleBar Tavern in December '11, I have quizzed in dozens of places for years. Our teams never quite won anything, but we always have a good time racking our brains for those little tidbits of info that GWD requires nightly.

I am definitely a geek. That picture is of me swinging from two phonebooks leafed together. Yeah, just like Mythbusters used to make. A physicist by trade, I don my mask and head out into the night partying hard and consuming various social lubricants.

Join me at my quiz and I will try to swoon you with my dulcet tones of vector calculus and Star Wars references. If you are really lucky, catch me with my Rubik's cube and I will get rid of its entropy faster than takes a grown man (or woman) to change a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll)1.

Gordon Freeman is my hero. For the winter gift-giving season, I want a red crowbar so that I can keep it under my pillow while I sleep.


1Times may be adjusted annually for inflation

Compared with the last storm, theroads were fantastic. The horribly cold wind blew all the snow that didn't melt off the roads. I do enjoy it when I leave for quiz early because of weather and get there in record time for a normal summer day. I definitely got to savor more beer that way. Happy day. Especially since Iowa was playing last week, so we didn't have quiz. I miss my weekly dose of Pub on Pearl.

The teams that were here played fiercely though. High in the 80s and even the lowest was 47. Even the Fireworks Security Circumvention Squad got in the 60s and they were down a team member. The name refers to jumping a small fence stationed by rent-a-cops to get good seats for a fireworks show. The fence was up so that people couldn't get into an outdoor concert without paying. Silly thing is that the best seats for the concert were right outside the fence on a hill. It's ok. I don't like most of this new-fangled pop music. Either old stuff, rock stuff, or mixed stuff for me.

One of these days I'm going to learn everyone's names in the bar that come to quiz. One of these days I am going to win the lottery, not for the draft, but for the winning lots of money. I'm working on Annette Funny Jello Shots at the moment. I have one name down out of a potential 6 team members. Fun thing is that the internet bonus prize tonight was a pair of tall warm Geeks Who Drink socks. Cool thing is that a member of their team won the socks. Funny thing is that another one of their team members was wearing a previously won pair of Geeks Who Drink Socks.


I was just walking downtown, and I have the perfect combonation of accessories. Whenever you are there, wear sunglasses and headphones. That way the GreenPeace reps don't see the fear in your eyes. Another tip my friend taught me is to look through them like they are figments of your imagination. They aren't people, they are talking clipboards. If they actually had talking clipboards instead of people, then I would totally want to talk to a talking clipboard. You get my point though.

Also downtown, I heard a guy on the street say, "I was in the Army. I'm not a patsy. I can still kill." Having my headphones in, they guy was shouting pretty loud for me to hear him. Interesting thing to yell at people in suits as they walk by. We did have a team last night, Army Had a Half-Day. Neither of them were in the Army,and I didn't know to ask if they were patsys. Is that a normal thing to come up into conversation? Probably not. You know what is a thing that comes upin normal conversation? Both Army Had a Half-Day and Blizzard Bar Crawl asked for picture repeats. Trust me, you don't want to see the originals.

What you do want to see though is Sluts and Sails. They wanted it to be Sluts and Sales, but they introduced a homonym so they didn't short change themselves. Bring Da Rukus has the honor of the "Best Brown-Nosers of the Week" award. Although I do like it when my ego is stroked. Andby my ego, I mean..... my fantastic need for group acceptance? That doesn't sound right.


See you all next week! Same Bat time, same Bat place.


P.S. It is much easier to blog on the train than on the bus. Continuous welded rails have fewer bumps.

P.P.S, I mean seriously, I know that they are doing construction, but we haven't gotten to that chunk of road yet. The screen is shaking so much, I can't read the screen long enough to correct they typos that I'm making.

P.P.P.S. Just joshing you. I can correct myself, it just takes twice as long. Like yelling at a hard drive.