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The Ram (Meridian)
3272 East Pine Avenue
Meridian, ID 83642
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12:05 AM, March 10, 2013
donner party eats shoe leather 51

puss n boots 47

made for walkin 45

hicks n' chicks 28

Professor Truman


Quiz Schedule
Thursday's 8-10 pm at the Piper Pub Saturday's 9-11pm at the Meridian Ram
Truman (Professor Truman)

With Microphone in hand and a smile on my face, I shall ask the Questions!

Well that's as smooth of a quiz as I've ever seen.  The unofficial theme of the evening was: BOOTS.  All the teams named themselfs after sure item.  The only hiccup of the night was Rd6 bonus question about those gurs from "Hot Fuzz"... I got nothing but black stares back at me.  So I, Professor Truman, decided on my own to to change the question to, "What is my favorite band"?  The team that are regulars had a big advantage.  But all the teams playing tonight were regulars, so it ended up being a close race to the answer, "PEARL JAM"!   Woo!   WooWooooooo!   Sorry, I get a little carried away with Pearl Jam.

I had a lot of fun.  2 other teams ttold me with out prodding, that they had fun.  The other 2 teams took a bit of prodding, but when I broke out the electric one, they too, told me they had fun.  God, I love the toys this job let's me play with.  I did feel bad that only 4 teams played.  That means that one team goes away empty handed.  But we don't really have a choice, we're due for a prize restock and right now it's slim pickings. 

Here's why you're all here... to find out who ...won... what...

1st--The Donner Party ate shoe leather

2nd--Puss 'n Boots

3rd--These Boots were made for Walken


Keep hitting the books,

-Professor Truman