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Redwing Bar & Grill
4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
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6:11 PM, April 05, 2013
Honey Boo Boo Badger 84

Garbage Bag Full of Butter 77

Wet Spot 77

New Originals 76

Happy Birthday Paulie 71

Fuck Benay 71

Thumbing the Milch 56

We Saw a Mountain Loin 51

R + R 33

Native New Yorker 30

x 29

Jack Fontenot


Quiz Schedule
Fado Irish Pub Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm
Jack (Jack Fontenot)

Jack Fontenot is 100% normal. Everything is stright down the line. No odd body tricks, no recessive genes. Just plain ole human, completely average. Average height weight and musical ability. He finds new memes pretty much when everyone else does. Some people agree with him politically, some don't. 

There is a place in this universe where everything balances. Many things are thrown into chaos and many things just stay put. That point converges on where ever Jack Fontenot might be at that time and in that space. Its easy there... sometimes but sometimes its not. 

So sit back and have a drink or don't and know that this quiz will be pretty average and thats a good place to be right now. Or not. 

Man I cannot tell you how many of you came up to the booth during quiz last night to tell me how much you loved round 1 and how much you all want me to just make so many more of those rounds! 

I will do my best for sure!!

Huge highlight last night was Team R & R coming in 3 rounds late but still looking so dapper. Great job guys. Totally pulled off that "someone wearing yellow" thing.

The Native New Yorkers were in town last night to check out exactly what San Diego is all about. Sorry NY I think we just took two of your natives. We love them they just class up a joint!

x you still have my favorite team name because it is so easy to say and, since I have to constantly type every name in several times, you have made my life so much simpler. (killer run-on). Keep it up your a badass!

If you and some friends go hiking in San Diego and then come back from said hiking trip and then proceed to recount the details of again said hiking trip, you might be able to say We Saw a Mountain Lion

Thumbing the Milch put their Old High German to the test last night as newcomers and put on an impressive show. But they had to because they were sitting right in front of me and I demand that shit! Entertain me!!

There is some dude in Brazil named Benay. Hey Benay your friends were at my quiz last night and they had a message for me to tell the world. And I did. And I am going to here yet again... Fuck Benay.

Happy Birthday Paulie tied with Fuck Benay last night and they should have destroyed everyone because they had the most kick ass moment last night IMO. Just saying... they were bright orange and had some pretty pattern on them. You know what I'm talking about. 

Big welcome back to The New Originals Sittin' in the back but kicking ass back there. Which is not easy to do. There are no speakers on that side of the bar and all the NPC's go there to escape my loud mouth. Best tip I got last night... "Slow down and enunciate!"

Hey there Wet Spot, you tied for 2nd last night and then lost it in the dance off. But I don't know about that. It was a pretty even match. And your girl was tearing it up. Thanks for sticking around! See you next week. 

The other new team was Garbage Bag Full of Butter. This was our other dancing challenger. Dudes mustache was as sweet as his dance moves. Newcomers as well these folks took home second place!!

But we can't leave out Honey Boo Boo Badger. See what they did there? They took two memes one vintage and one that's just old and put them together to make a new and clever joke. Write it down kids. Just follow their example and maybe you too can win 1st Place!! Previously the Broletariats, Also known as The Nutsack of Rome, let me put my go go juice double fisting fists in the air and wave them like you honey badger don't give a shit, and say Rock on Fellas, and that one random quick witted girl who jumped in and photobombed your 1st place pic.