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Redwing Bar & Grill
4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
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11:46 AM, March 01, 2013
The Nutsack of Rome 83

Happy birthday Paulie 79

Incognito 73

The Fat Ugly Heads 66

Spaz Attack 61

The Jolly Rogers 57

Bobcats 52

late 51

X 48

Carpe Dayum 42

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 38

the prtt's 33

Jack Fontenot


Quiz Schedule
Fado Irish Pub Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm
Jack (Jack Fontenot)

Jack Fontenot is 100% normal. Everything is stright down the line. No odd body tricks, no recessive genes. Just plain ole human, completely average. Average height weight and musical ability. He finds new memes pretty much when everyone else does. Some people agree with him politically, some don't. 

There is a place in this universe where everything balances. Many things are thrown into chaos and many things just stay put. That point converges on where ever Jack Fontenot might be at that time and in that space. Its easy there... sometimes but sometimes its not. 

So sit back and have a drink or don't and know that this quiz will be pretty average and thats a good place to be right now. Or not. 

First, I'm gonna say whoever put two free movie tickets in my tip jar last week deserves a nice long warm hug from me! You did it incognito (literally, not the team name) and I want to pay you your hug. 

Secondly, would people like candy instead of hugs? Maybe I'll get more tips if I appeal to your sweet tooth rather than your deep cravings for physical contact. Or you can forgo the hug and we will play your song request. Just some thoughts from me trying to make some paperrrrr.

Thirdly, I gots to give a way belated shout out to Happy Birthday Paulie for their win last week! And congrats to them again for coming in second place last night. In first place we had The Nutsack of Rome, which is a gross name, and in third we had team Incognito! Congratulations all around.

Check out our Facebook page here because I put up the pics from last night and you need to tag yo self.