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Redwing Bar & Grill
4012 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
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2:57 PM, February 15, 2013
The Nutsack of Rome 69

Fried Oprah 67

Death Wombat 67

Preciate 'Cha 65

Popelessly In Love 59

SooGoo 55

I'm Having a Sex Change Operation Tomorrow! 52

Fat Ugly Heads 50

Penguino 37

New Guys 20

B Bach 20

Platonic Pleasures 16

Jose Carlos 16

Jack Fontenot


Quiz Schedule
Fado Irish Pub Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm
Jack (Jack Fontenot)

Jack Fontenot is 100% normal. Everything is stright down the line. No odd body tricks, no recessive genes. Just plain ole human, completely average. Average height weight and musical ability. He finds new memes pretty much when everyone else does. Some people agree with him politically, some don't. 

There is a place in this universe where everything balances. Many things are thrown into chaos and many things just stay put. That point converges on where ever Jack Fontenot might be at that time and in that space. Its easy there... sometimes but sometimes its not. 

So sit back and have a drink or don't and know that this quiz will be pretty average and thats a good place to be right now. Or not. 

Hey guys, Jack didn't wake up in time to write the blog post this morning and now he's at work and I'm done with work which means someone has to write this and it's me. That sentence needs some commas but it's not getting any because I'm in a hurry to get back to enjoying my weekend.

Last night was SO fun ... It can get kinda boring sitting up there keeping score but not last night. You guys were an entertaining bunch and you made me LOL a lot. I don't really know what else to say so I am just going to say something nice about everyone's team picture.

SooGoo: You guys are a cute couple! Unless you're not a couple? Either way, you're cute.

Preciate Cha: Man on the right, you have pretty teeth!

Platonic Pleasures: Your team name is fun to say and the cherry in your drink is making me want to eat cherries.

BBach:These guys are our friends and they came and played a few rounds ... thanks, friends!

Nutsack of Rome: So much enthusiasm happening in this pic!

Fried Oprah: I liked your second place pic so much I made it the main pic on the Facebook album, but this one is nice too!

Jose Carlos: You two are attractive! I spy myself in the booth.

Penguinos: Another cute couple... was this a first date?

Death Wombats: Cool hair, lady in the green and blue jacket!

Popelessly In Love: BIG fan of the Disney princess pose, lady in front! Gonna steal that.

Fat Ugly Heads: Man on the left, why you holding your phone under the table all shady like that? That's not a compliment, though. I feel like you guys always have a high score so congrats on being smart!

I hope everyone liked their compliments. You can click here to see even more photos from last night and tag yourself in our Valentine's Day Quiz album! Also, don't forget that Jack is putting a special bonus question on the Facebook page sometime this week and the winner gets a special prize.