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Hong Kong Restaurant (Harvard Square)
1238 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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11:34 AM, April 10, 2013
Steve Holt! 94

Just What We Needed: 6.25% on Your Scholarship. Thanks, Deval. 81

Glen Coco 77

Roid Rage Ferret Brigade 75

Weird Symbols Greg 69

The Fe (Iron) Lady 66

Sass Monkeys 64

Her Name is Margaret Thatchurro! Her Name is Margaret Thatchurro! 61

Ironed-Out Lady 59

Fantastic 49

Team Thames 42



Quiz Schedule
Hong Kong Restaurant (Harvard Square) Tuesdays at 8pm
Marykate (MK)

I'm a ginger kid who's worn glasses since first grade.

I host trivia so that I can finally make friends.

Tuesday was a night of symbols.

Amassing the most points* and the most death threats in Kong history, STEVE HOLT! got first place with a whopping 94 points. They did so by dint of qualities that usually serve as an impediment to American accomplishments: being from South Dakota and Texas.

To add insult to injury, they made Tom drink tequila! And they were Democrats! 

Needless to say, Tom and Let's Leave It Blank For Now were not pleased with having to settle for second place. Without the Jeopardy-honed expertise of Patrick, they broke their winning streak and ended the possibility of a three-peat. 

Of course, they had plenty to say about that.

"Who's the winning team? I'll stab them!"

"I call shenanigans on that!" 


The record stands, but it stands contested. 

Unlike the team in second, Glen Coco took defeat with grace and dignity, simply asking to look at the scoresheet and see how they'd done in a few rounds. "Well, if that's the high score, we're pretty proud to come in third!" How pleasant! That's why you get four candy canes. 

AND NONE FOR Let's Leave It Blank For Now. 

Ironed-Out Lady and Fantastic were having a great time in the corner by the bar. Because I read too many comics, the alliance of those two forces makes me imagine weird alt-history storylines where the Fantastic Four team up to help Margaret Thatcher privatize a space program. Because Reed Richards would definitely do that. 

Fe Lady combined the symbol of a British epoch with the symbol for a chemical element to create a punny team name. 

'Roid Rage Ferret, in characteristic fashion, was sad and complaining. Tonight, though, I understood their sorrow. They were really sad to discover that Patrick wasn't working Tuesday night. Of course we missed him! 

Natalie, our bartender for the night, was simply lovely, though! 

And then 'Roid Rage Ferret LEFT WITHOUT TAKING A TEAM PHOTO. Death.

Sass Monkeys had a phenomenal time and acheived triple 7's in the first three rounds. Well done! Hope we'll see you back at the Kong! 

Weird Symbols Greg had an obnoxious team name. No one was surprised. Satan and his servants are known to write in unspeakable tongues (and drink sangria in large mugs). 

Team Thames traveled thousands of miles to experience the wonder of Kong quiz, and they were not disappointed...because there was a round entirely on Britishisms! And they were British! Delighted to find that, despite knowing nothing about U.S. geography for Round #3, they managed to come in 10th place out of 11 teams, their only response was, "Somebody in here must be really thick!"*

*British for stupid.