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Jabu's Pub
174 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109
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1:50 PM, April 05, 2013
Bar Bitches 77

8 Nice Boobs 60

I Rogered Ebert 58

Brittany "Michael Bay" St. Julien


Quiz Schedule
Wednesdays @ The Dubliner, 8:00 pm Thursdays @ Jabu's Pub, 8:00 pm
Brittany (Brittany "Michael Bay" St. Julien)

Friends call me Michael Bay because I love action and make a lot of sound effects with my mouth.

Well, nobody calls me that, really. But they should for the above reasons.

If I had to rank my top 3 books, it'd look something like:

1)Plato- The Republic
2)Heinlein- Stranger in a Strange Land
3)Silverman- The Bedwetter

Or something. 

Thursday night at Jabu's Pub, we explored what it is to be human: to imbibe, to make mirth with friends, to be confused as shit, etc. Round one had y'all stumped!

There was a lot of critical thought involved. Or there would have been, if any of you had gotten the questions right. I think I actually saw steam rising from a couple of quizzers' ears by the beginning of Round 2.

Fortunately, I don't judge you by how well you do on the first round. Well, technically I judge you based on your cumulative total score, but on the inside I'm only judging you (and everyone else) by your clothes and teeth. Shallow? Mayhaps. But that's the way I've always done it, and since I haven't been killed yet I won't cut my screening process short now.

See you guys next week!
-QM Brittany