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The Canyon's Crown Restaurant & Pub
6958 East Tanque Verde Road
Tucson, AZ 85715
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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3:05 PM, February 22, 2013
John Is In Vegas Shooting Up The Strip 83

It Wasn't Me, It Was The (Hemor)Roid Rage 82

Red Hot Trivia Peppers 80

I Like Blizzards Better When They Taste Like Mint Chocolate Chip 79

Penis Fly Trap 79

Shell Art Is Over 78

The Transplants 73

Retro Monster Backburger 72

Team Foolery 72

The Pork Chop Express 71

Kung-Fu Ball Sack Grip 70

Shooting For Ninth 68

Dutch Oven 63

Thunder Cheeks 56

Dave 48

Molly Birds 20

Fishbowl Heather & Anthony 20

Major Tom


Quiz Schedule
Thursday nights at the Canyon's Crown Restaurant and Pub, Tucson, AZ. Wednesday nights at the Auld Dubliner, Tucson, AZ.
Tom (Major Tom)

My name is Tom.  I got into this gig by kicking everyone's ass at the Quiz at Club Congress on a weekly basis until they pretty much had to give me a job.  Now I do 2 clubs in Tucson, and you should be at both of them.  Besides doing this, I play in a ska-punk band called Troy's Bucket, and I have a job teaching 7th grade social studies.  I'm a huge metal and punk fan, but I also dig a lot of other stuff.  Halloween is my Christmas.  A lot of that has to do with my birthday, December 24th, being totally ignored thanks to Christmas.  I left the sinking ship that is Detroit, but I still love the Red Wings.  That's a hockey team.  Hockey is the greatest sport in the world.  I am single, so feel free to line up at the QM's table to meet me.  I drink Guinness, so feel free to send one my way.  I still won't give you any extra points. 

I missed all of you last week, and I hope you missed me as well.  I’m sure Caribbean Joe did an admirable job in my place, though.  The dude knows how to host a Quiz.  So where was I last week?  I met 15 people in person from all over the country who had only previously met on a comedy website.  We rented a 5 story mansion on the beach in Marina Del Rey, California.  What an amazing weekend.  It was truly difficult to come back.  If it wasn’t for Quiz, I may have considered not coming back.  Thursday’s Quiz didn’t feature playing in the snow on scoring breaks, like my Wednesday Quiz did, but I had a great time nonetheless. 

So, my buddy Tom #3 is getting married.  I’ve been to quite a few bachelor parties over the years.  More often than not, they’ve been at strip clubs.  There have also been trips to Vegas, cabins in the woods featuring playing with shotguns and clay pigeons and a lot of booze, and various other venues for drinking and messing with the groom to be.  I have never seen a bachelor party go to Quiz, however.  I applaud Tom #3 for his choice.  I do wish he had brought strippers to the Crown, however.

Nobody gets a round on me next week, since Jeff the Chemist didn’t play last night, although his girlfriend’s team played, and beat our #1 team by 1 point.

So, what did we learn last night?

-          Ned Beatty wrote “The Tale Of Peter Rabbit” as one of his huge series of books about anthropomorphic animals.  You don’t want to read the one entitled, “Squeal Like A Pig”.

-          Leave it to a team named Dutch Oven to answer that ‘fecal matter’ is one of the 4 Hippocratic humors.  They claimed it was because one of their members is from the Netherlands, but I think I detected a double entendre.

-          Aspartame, in addition to being an artificial sweetener, is one of the 4 DNA nucleotides.

-          “A Nightmare On Elm Street” is not technically one of the movies in the “Friday The 13th” series.

-          Ra and Apollo were gods, not kings.

-          “Where’s Waldo” apparently won the 2001 National Book  Award and was on Oprah Winfrey’s book club list.

-          World War One is awesome.

-          There are 2 Portlands, although only one gets a TV show.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Come see us next week.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.  Until then, ‘like’ this blog, go to the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Geeks-Who-Drink-Pub-Quiz-At-Canyons-Crown/483388135009881 and ‘like’ us there too.  Cheers!