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The Canyon's Crown Restaurant & Pub
6958 East Tanque Verde Road
Tucson, AZ 85715
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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1:41 PM, February 15, 2013
pope-a don't preach 86

fighting wamprats 82

drum major sex panther 81

billie holiday in cambodia 79

diamond studded dick holster 76

trivia newton john 76

super anovas 76

popeless romantics 75

address the state of my unit 75

brian's roommate's cat 72

wyld stallyns 69

I got shit street on bourbon face 68

pew! Pew! (lasers) 62

princess consuela banana hammock 41

Caribbean Joe


Quiz Schedule
Hotel Congress on Tuesdays at 8pm Trident Grill Wednesdays at 8pm
Joe (Caribbean Joe)

I enjoy long walks on the beach, scooter rides and zombies.  

I have a BS in BS.  I can BS in at least 2 languages and I can convincingly imitate a few others.

I enjoy any occasion to dress up.  I will go disco, zombie or Mandalorian if you give me a reason. 

I am Caribbean Joe.  Born in Texas, I lived in the southwest pretty much all my life.  A desert dweller's life for me.  

So I picked up quizzing after my friend and scorekeeper, Island Amy, found an ad and prodded me to audition.  The rest is history.  Loving the quiz and the people it draws.  If I am not quizzing, you may find me out enjoying Tucson.

You may also see me around town on my scooter.  Feel free to wave.

If you want to know more, stop by and quiz and meet me and I just might answer your questions. Hell I may even answer you truthfully.

Good news!  Tom couldn’t be with us at quiz because he was off getting his operation.  He is finally going to be a real boy!  I kid, he already is a real boy, but this weekend he becomes a man.  A married man?  You never know what alcohol can do.  He didn’t really say what he was doing, but I will assume it involves costumes and hopefully alcohol and perhaps the Harlem Shake.

It was nice to see you all out for VD.  The love was in the air, but seriously you should hold that in, people are trying to eat.  So many couples, smiles and displays of affection made it almost feel like you really like each other and that is a beautiful thing.  Remember that feeling and try to recreate it at every quiz.  It will make my job easier.

So what was on the quiz?

The last Pope to walk out on the job happened over 600 years ago, maybe we can get that to happen permanently this time.   Also Kate Upton froze her ass off for the SI cover, but fortunately they were able to airbrush it back on.  We then had audio approved by Overly Attached Girlfriend.  Head Games really sums it up nicely.  ?Quien es mas macho?  Well, when you get in to the Matrix, you know what Bob Dole would do.  Got a product?  Make it in pink, purple or teal and it is now the Lady’s Model.  Who knew chainsaws could be so feminine.  It makes me want to run across a meadow on a cool summer’s eve.  Who knew torture could be so fun?  Judging from the scores, a lot of you do.  Welcome to the dungeon.  Philophobia is not as rare as it sounds.  That person that always seems to be sabotaging relationships? Sadly they have it.  Well, that or they just suck at relationships.  Misery is a good example of that.  We found out there are enough Pokemon to drive a completist mad.  Which is why I don’t play Pokemon. 

After all the love was spent, Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day came out on top and won the $25 Canyon’s Crown gift certificate.  Our 2nd place team didn’t Shut Your Whore Mouth! They picked up a $10 Canyon’s Crown gift certificate.  In the spirit of love, our 3rd place group Mitche’s Bitches got love pops and our Red Hot email winner snatched up a growing alligator.

Have a fine rest of your week and spread the love.  Make sure to congratulate Tom next week on his achievement.  Caribbean Joe out.