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Saint Rocke
142 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
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3:31 PM, February 04, 2013
The Keith Suburbans 79

Manti Te'o Always Fakes It 72

Christopher Reeve Ain't Christopher Walken 71

We're Back. A Dinosaur Story 67

Brazil's Hottest New Act 63

JA Rule 60

Sit (but don't spin) on my interface 56

The Lumpy Feminists 55

M+M+B+S 54

Vegan Piranhas 52

1.21 Gigawatts! 51

Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Bad Boy, Take that Take that take that 50

Fisting?...Bitch, Please 46

Manscaped for Curb Appeal 44

Penis + VaJJ 44

3's Company 40

Kids Who Can Read Really Really Good! 15

At the bar 14

We're Too Good To Play 13

Maybe Next Time 11

shadude (the long winded Persian)


Quiz Schedule
Monday nights, 7:30pm at American Junkie!
Tuesday nights, 7:30pm at Saint Rocke!
Wednesday nights, 8:00pm at Chelsea Pub & Lounge
Shadan (shadude (the long winded Persian))

A geek of many sorts:

 a space geek - believe it or not, I really am a rocket scientist

a music geek - used to be a DJ at my college radio station

a concert geek - live music rocks! (pun intended)

a live theatre geek - it's just a better value than the going to the cinema at this point

a musical theatre geek -more than an straight man rightfully should be

a political geek - it's a much better bloodsport than the MMA

a pop culture geek - grew up as a latch-key child, so TV was my babysitter

a bike geek - Orbea Orca with Campy Record-11 (if you know what that is, then you're a bike geek, too)

(I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.)

So, apparently the video Round 7 is a HUGE hit, especially with it involves exploding cats. You people are sick! (And that's why I loves ya!!!!)

And please allow me to express my appreciation for the completely lack of complaining when you realized that I didn't give you credit for answering "Scare Movie" instead of "Scary Movie 2" - you guys are probably the most mature quizzers in all of Geekdom.  ;-)

Probably the biggest controversy of the night came between me & my lovely assistant when choosing our fave team name. She like Manti Te'o Always Fakes It and I loved Christopher Reeve Ain't Christopher Walken. Well, actually, she totally HATED Christopher Reeve Ain't Christopher Walken….but that's only because she's like a total Christopher Reeve fangirl. (She even likes that lame "Somewhere in Time" movie where Christopher Reeve hypnotizes himself into traveling back into time to find his true love - whatever!) FTR, the crowd fave was clearly Christopher Reeve.

Onto the quiz!

Round 1 proved that you guys are smarter than you look (at least when it comes to your ABCs).

Round 2 proved that you guys didn't know that Dwight D Eisenhower's nickname was Ike (either that or you thought we had a President Turner at some point in our history).

Round 3 proved that you guys know your losers (at least when to comes to football teams that won't be going to the Super Bowl this year).

Round 4 proved that you guys believe there is a dog breed that shares its names it Rod Stewart (either that or you think I was asking for someone who looks like a dog).

Round 5 proved that you guys don't download enough vintage celebrity porn (but I guess Tony Danza does kinda look a little like Anthony Kiedis…..but Mick Jagger?)

Round 6 proved that you guys love Meat Loaf (well, all but one team).

Round 7 proved that you guys love pussy (but we've already going over that).

And Round 8 proved that you guys are in awe of the fact that I've met Sir Patrick Stewart (and clearly by the picture, Patrick was equally impressed by meeting me).

Leading from wire-to-wire, The Keith Suburbans wonder if there is anyone who challenge them.


After a couple straight weeks coming in 3rd, Manti Te'o Always Fakes It strings together a night of solid rounds and holds on to 2nd place from start to finish.


Pacing themselves,  hangs in the middle of the pack by not Jokering a 10-point Round 2. They slowly creep there way from 8th to 7th to 5th by the start of the final round. And it all pays off in the end with a Jokered 11-point Round 8 and they come in 3rd.